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Memphis Audio Brand Overlook and Review

Memphis Audio is one of the most renowned car audio brands in the American market. They have also managed to leave a footprint in Malta, South America, and Mexico, but their main audience is definitely the USA.

With that said, what can you expect from Memphis Audio? Is it all just pure hype or is this brand truly great for car, ATV, UTV, SUV, and RV enthusiasts? Let’s find out together by looking at some of the facts and details that make the company tick.

Memphis Audio Establishment and Heritage

Located, ironically, right in the heart of Memphis, Tennessee, Memphis Audio was established all the way back in 1965 out of respect for music and sound quality. Practically, the birthplace of rock’n’roll and the home of blues is where Memphis Audio has its roots and inspiration from.

However, the brand’s biggest selling point remains the fact that they’re loyal to the dealers that the company chooses. They only select the premier audio experts in the industry so that they know their customers will have the audio equipment installed by someone who can truly handle such a daunting task.

The brand also values its products’ other specifications, such as how lightweight they are, what their power level is, and just how much “mileage” their offerings can provide for the relatively premium price. On top of that, they have also won numerous awards inside the car audio competitions.

The Memphis Audio Lineup of Compelling Products

As stated above, Memphis Audio offers some really great car audio products. And yes, many of their offerings are compatible with UTVs, ATVs, and so forth. Let’s take a quick glance throughout their catalog to identify some truly desirable items.

SIXFIVE Speaker Series

As the company itself has stated, the SIXFIVE speaker series (sometimes stylized as VIV Speaker Series) is the ultimate game-changer within its entire lineup.


Memphis Audio SIXFIVE Speaker Series


Each of the big speakers is made with a dual-layer composite fiber cone. It allows the models to be lightweight while still maintaining their resilience against road bumps and other aggressive vibrations. 

Basically, these speakers allow for concert-level fidelity because of the simple fact that they prevent distortion through their stiffness. The bi-ampable passive crossover also comes with numerous adjustable settings, thus allowing users to choose their optimum audio sampling environment. Overall, a really great series that just proves how dedicated this brand is to auditive finesse.

Street Reference Amplifiers

For those who want to save up cash without sacrificing quality, the Street Reference amplifiers from Memphis Audio are probably the best possible bet.

Street Reference Amplifiers


This series has been available for what seems like ages now, and it continuously sees new and improved amplifiers getting added pretty often given the longevity. What makes this series even more desirable is the fact that it offers features that you would normally.

Overall, they have the power to elevate any audio system you might have installed in your vehicle. There are plenty of offerings on hand if you can find a dealer near your location. We think that this is the best approach since the dealers can help you out with the installation.

MOJO Subwoofers

Out of the entire line of Memphis Audio subwoofers, the MOJO lineup is by far the biggest and baddest (in a good way, of course).

MOJO Subwoofers


At the time of writing, the latest array of MOJO subwoofers is encompassed in the MOJO6 catalog. They are engineered in such a way that they achieve high performance without sacrificing any bit of durability.

Each one comes with a dished fiberglass reinforced cone with a double stitch surround and a reinforced spider to withstand high-impact vibrations. 2200W is the power level that you’ll find these bad boys can handle.

To make things even better, they come with an anodized orange aluminum heat sink to absorb excess heat. On top of that, it’s aesthetically pleasing as all hell, and it adds a little bit of personality to an already excellent subwoofer. It dissipates heat away from the voice coils while being fed extreme amounts of power allowing MOJO subwoofers to hammer for prolonged periods of time.

Signal Processors

If you’re a serious audio-related brand, then offering a lineup of astounding signal processors is mandatory. Fortunately, Memphis Audio does just that.

Memphis Audio Signal Processors


If you want to integrate your factory radio or dial in your audio system’s levels to achieve an amazing sound, then the signal processors from Memphis Audio are no slouches. Whatsoever. The fact of the matter is that you’ll rarely stumble upon something so fine-tunable and great to look at. 

Furthermore, if you want OEM integration, then Memphis Audio’s LL6SA allows you to do just that. And in case you don’t know what that means, it basically allows you to increase the power of your factory head unit without changing it per se. Practically, you’re getting a complete overhaul of your factory signal without having to replace the original hardware. Rather, the OEM works in tandem with Memphis Audio’s signal processor.

True Mat

One truly intriguing product that Memphis Audio offers is the True Mat. In short, it’s an insulation system that eliminates panel resonance and reduces road noise. We don’t know how useful it is in a UTV in this regard, however, since the cabin is practically open. However, if you have a car or SUV, the Memphis Audio True Mat is indeed a thing of wonder.

A single layer of this mat is enough to boost your vehicle’s performance as well. And yes, this feature is applicable to UTVs as well. The mat’s metal shielding is engineered with a butyl-based construction that can withstand any climate environment and protect your engine and other components from added heat.

In short, a single 2mm layer is enough to protect both the engine and your cabin from unwanted sounds. Imagine how useful this thing is during a road trip on a country road (you know how rocky they can be) in the scorching sun. Finally, you can find the Memphis Audio True Mat in multiple sizes so you are definitely bound to find an offering that fits your vehicle perfectly. All you need is to locate one of their dealers in your area.

Other Memphis Audio Caveats

The company also offers audio connectors, bulk wires, amplifier kits, brass connectors, LED lighting, bass systems, and enclosures.

On top of that, they also provide products from two other brands, namely Marine and Powersports. However, we will probably talk about those at a later date because right now we wanted to focus on the Memphis Audio brand itself.

The Bottom Line

Memphis Audio is an excellent brand if you’re looking to upgrade or add audio-related stuff to your UTV, ATV, car, SUV, RV, or other vehicles that can support such components.

We recommend them highly and we’re looking forward to seeing what else they’ll bring to the table in the near future. Who knows, maybe we’ll have another article related to them and their sub-brands in the future if we ever get this opportunity. Until then, feel free to share this article with others and leave us a comment down below.