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ATV mud tires use highly specialized rubber with aggressive tread patterns to push back the mud and propel your vehicle forward. However, you need to be able to strike a delicate balance between tire size, lug height, and your ATV’s power if you want to get the best possible outcome.

However, all in all, you’re probably looking for a list of tires that can fit most ATV models without a hitch. And we’re here to help you out with exactly that. So here are the best ATV mud tires that you can purchase right from our store.


1. Method 401 Machined Beadlock Wheels & Tires

Method 401 Machined Beadlock Wheels & Tires

These matte-black tires and wheels sure steal the show when it comes to looks. But looks aren’t the only thing going for them. Not by a long shot. Their solid aluminum casing with T6 heat treatment construction lets you do your thing in the scorching sun and the unforgiving mud at the same time.

The reinforced inner lip further provides strength and durability, so you can rest assured that the wheel and the tire will never get separated even on the toughest terrains. You can view the full list of specifications on the product page mentioned right below the picture. All in all, we think that this is the number one choice you should consider.


2. Pro Runner Tire Pro Armor All Terrain 8 PLY

Pro Runner Tire Pro Armor All Terrain 8 PLY

If you want a universal fit for a 15-inch rim, then the Pro Runner ATV mud tire should do the trick just fine. While the price is high, its quality is just as grand. They have well-calculated lug separation and come with triple-belted sidewalls to offer a firm grip on muddy terrain and upgraded protection against impact at the same time.

Also, thanks to the provided space between the lugs, you can clean out the tires much easier with a simple water jet. Furthermore, they’re lightweight so you can cut corners in an offroad racing scenario much easier. In short, these tires provide grip, strength, and maneuverability with ease.


3. System 3 SS360 Snow and Sand Off-Road Tires

System 3 SS360 Snow and Sand Off-Road Tires

Our third choice for the best ATV mud tires comes in a form factor that provides flotation and control even in sand dunes. The SS360 tires are also reliable in snowy situations, so they’re basically an all-season option. Furthermore, cornering traction and straight-line propulsion are top priorities when it comes to the way these tires are engineered.

Finally, we think that the simple fact these tires can handle any snow scenario is a worthy reason to propel them on the number 3 spot for the best ATV mud tires.


4. Pro Armor Rear Sand Tires

Pro Armor Rear Sand Tires

Our fourth spot for the top ATV mud tires goes to the Pro Armor Rear Sand Tires. You can pair them with Pro Armor’s front sand tires if you already have those, or you can pair them with another set of similar front tires in case you can’t find the brand’s offering.

Flexibility is key when handling dry and coarse terrain, so these ATV mud tires are great for any type of offroad adventure, be it in dry weather or the nastiest thunderstorms. All in all, a great offering from one of the best ATV and UTV brands out there.


5. System 3 Off-Road XCR 350 ATV & UTV Radial Tires

System 3 Off-Road XCR 350 ATV & UTV Radial Tires

The soft tread compound found on these tires provides grip, traction, and an overall smooth ride on any terrain. As far as mud goes, these ATV & UTV tires manage to satisfy everyone’s needs perfectly fine. They’re available in five different sizes on our website, and they also come at a more than decent price when you consider the quality on hand.

The stepped shoulder lugs and the soft rock crawler-based tread pattern provide an excellent corner bite and decent maneuverability through sand and coarse terrain. On top of that, the way the pattern is made ensures that you can clean the remaining mud with relative ease by using a powerful water jet and some efficient detergent.


6. System 3 Off-Road RT320 Radial Tires

System 3 Off-Road RT320 Radial Tires

Sticking with the same brand, for now, the RT320 Radial Tires provide high-mileage rubber for extra durability. The light carcass has a wide contact patch that makes the overall tire great for ATVs, UTVs, and even SUVs. On top of that, the non-directional mixed terrain pattern allows for versatility in just about any offroad scenario that you can imagine.

Meanwhile, all these factors also make the tire pull hard on loose surfaces while still giving a smooth and quiet ride on hardpack. It’s practically the perfect combination of craftsmanship and quality materials. 


7. ITP Coyote Radial Tires

ITP Coyote Radial Tires

Finally, we have the ITP Coyote Radial Tires. These tires provide resistance against rough terrain even when equipped on a vehicle with increased horsepower. Coming with staggered shoulder lugs, an optimal footprint for even pressure distribution, and top-notch steering response, these tires manage to perform well on mud and other obstacles.

As far as ATV mud tires are concerned, we think that this set should be on everyone’s list. They’re not necessarily the absolute best you can get, but they’re surprisingly good given the relatively affordable price and the fact that they’re made by a lesser-known brand.

ATV Mud Tires FAQ

Are wider ATV tires better?

In an offroad scenario, a wider tire is always the preferred choice. It helps you gain more traction and clearance than regularly-sized tires. As a general rule, most vehicles can safely handle an increase in tire size one or even two sizes larger than their stock ones.

Why are ATV tires smaller in the front?

The smaller tires in the front provide less surface tension than the ones in the back. This is important because the ATV becomes easier to steer, so there will be less effort on your part. And with easier maneuvering also come other advantages, such as the fact that the components in the steering mechanism have to suffer less pressure. In turn, you’ll get a longer-lasting ATV overall.

How many years do ATV mud tires last?

There’s no set timeframe for how long ATV mud tires can last. Their durability depends on a lot of factors, including but not limited to the type of terrain, how often and how fast you like to drive, the force of impact when bumping into potholes and uneven terrain, and much more. But if we were to give an estimate, we’d say about five years.

Are stock ATV tires good?

It all depends on the ATV model that you’ve purchased. The more expensive and renowned brands usually offer much better choices than lesser-known ones. But, again, it’s not something set in stone, and it all varies from model to model.

Final Thoughts

Any of the ATV mud tires that you end up choosing from the above list will serve you well for at least a couple of years. Once you make your choice, just press the add to cart button and you’ll be on your way to procuring them.