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Spike Powersports side by side parts for your Can-Am, Polaris, Yahama and Kawasaki.  accessories that elevate the quality of your ride, buy putting out quality product.

Protect riders with lower door inserts. Improve visibility with partial, full, or folding windshields. These will fend off wind, rain, and flying debris. Consider a hard-coated or tinted windshield, depending on the conditions you’re driving in.

Suppose you absolutely love the feeling of wind in your hair. In that case, Spike makes windshields with just enough ventilation to allow airflow but offer a clear view. Another way to make your ride more comfortable is with a hardtop custom fit for your vehicle. Get an even more tricked-out look if you have a Can Am Maverick, with a set of four fender flares. Spike Powersports knows what it’s like to be flying down the trail, so they’ve created UTV accessories able to handle the strain.