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RAD UTV Parts offers replacement UTV belts from Timken Ultimax and Trinity Racing.  A broken belt can end up happening to any UTV rider having a spare is a necessity . That’s why we carry several high-quality aftermarket UTV belts for replacement those worn out OEM belts. Many of our options are even better than your vehicle’s stock drive belt.
  Our Timken Ultimax CVT drive belts feature a 3 Year Warranty  Made with strong and stable aramid cord for superior resistance to shock loads stretching and heat generation, resulting in improved power, more consistent shifting, and better acceleration.  Trinity Racing Worlds Best Belt has the highest shock load rating to date being able to withstand the power of the 400hp machines.  When your UTV belt is worn out or you’re just looking to get a backup, choose a great UTV belt for your vehicle from Rad UTV Parts.