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When looking for ATV and UTV tires, one name that keeps popping up is Tusk Terrabite. It may not be the most important brand in the world, but its offerings are highly desirable because they’re usually of higher quality than the stock tires you’ll find on many models.

With that said, you might be wondering what makes it great. Well, we’ll try to answer that as detailed as we can in today’s article. In short, Tusk Terrabite produces tires at reasonable prices that are well worth driving on. Now let’s get to the nitty-gritty part:

Tusk Terrabite Radial Tire

Tusk Terrabite Radial Tire

When looking at the radial tire that Tusk Terrabite, it looks like a truck tire. However, it’s a versatile piece of equipment that can fit on your UTV, ATV, SUV, and other vehicles. It has a wide surface area with nice round edges for cornering.

As you can tell, the sidewalls are protected by a protruding pattern inside the rubber that helps it stay protected from punctures, side impacts, and other potential impediments that could otherwise cause a flat tire. As for the tread design itself, we think that it has just the right amount of space between lugs to help you out when cleaning.

Oh, and one more thing that might be appealing to some people, these tires are DOT approved, so they can be driven on the road as well, not just off-road. However, do be aware that it’s not exactly fit for extra-muddy riding. It won’t help you all that much if you’re planning on taking your ride into the forest after a long, rainy week.

The Build

The tire comes in several sizing options, and, in theory, those sizing options only allow you to fit it on, let’s say, the Polaris Ranger, or the Arctic Cat 1000. However, in reality, you can fit it on just about any vehicle that can support your selected sizing option.

Now, as a fair disclaimer, this tire might seem a little sluggish when you’re trying to ride at low speeds. This can be quite inconvenient when you’re trying to drive around the city. Especially in crowded cities. However, the treading that comes from the tire’s weight and distribution is very useful in off-road scenarios, so there’s that.

In short, we recommend you take the Tusk Terrabite Radial Tire out for a spin in the dirt, but only when the dirt is dry and there’s no sign of heavy rain. Otherwise, you might have a difficult time coming out of the mud.

Tusk Terrabite Aramid

Tusk Terrabite Aramid


The Tusk Terrabite Aramid offering is similar to the previous one, yet still different enough to warrant its own special category.

Unlike the previous offering, the Tusk Terrabite Aramid can actually handle all the possible terrain situations that can occur during a ride. It’s not limited by too much mud and it won’t feel all that sluggish when driving at low speeds (though a little drag can still be felt).

This race-tested tire also features the same sidewall protection that the Tusk Terrabite Radial Tire has. However, since this tire features Para-Aramid Fibers used directly in the construction, it has some peculiar capabilities that you won’t find anywhere else. Furthermore, the truck-style tread pattern provides excellent multi-surface performance and high mileage while meeting DOT standards.

Moreover, these fibers add protection to the entire construction and it gives an extra bite when going through rocks, dirt, and even sand. They may not be specialized in one type of terrain over another, but they offer a damn fine experience if you’re the kind of person who likes to vary their ride throughout a variety of terrains.

Construction and Other Factors

The tread depth is ¾-inches and the tire can pass the standard DOT test at maximum pressure. What’s more, the radial 10-ply construction offers significantly greater durability than what you would normally get on regular tires.

With a simple Google search, you can find tons of user reviews around the web for this particular tire, and you’ll see that very few of them are negative. We think it only makes sense since the Aramid’s maximum load rating is 1000 lbs., more than enough for most people’s needs and wants.

Tusk Mud Force Tire

Tusk Mud Force Tire


This monster of a tire is one of the absolute best you can get for muddy situations. We’d go as far as saying that it can compete with the best brands out there. Despite the fact that this is one of Tusk Terrabite’s lesser-known offerings, we think that you should check it out if you’re planning to go out and about in the mud.

It provides much greater traction in mud thanks to the spaced-out lugs and the main tread design. More specifically, the tread is built to have constant contact with the ground for a smooth ride. Not to mention that this tread design offers outstanding shoulder protection and added grip so you won’t slip and slide all over the place.

Other Factors to Consider

This particular tire is tubeless, 6-ply rated, and has 3/4" tread depth. It’s one of the most affordable mud tires on the market despite being such a great overall product. We love it when companies go out of their way to create something that truly stands out and doesn’t weigh down on the consumer’s pocket.

Finally, one thing we like about this tire isn’t related to the product itself, but to the company as a whole. Their customer support is fantastic in case you have any questions that you can’t find the answer to anywhere online. And they also take care of unsatisfied customers as fast as they can, which we always respect. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who manufactures Tusk tires?

Vurban Industries is the company that manufactures Tusk tires and all the additional items that come under this brand’s name. Sure, it’s not the most catchy or inspired name on the market, and the fact that their official website is lacking is also a reason for concern. However, those concerns get thrown out the window when you deal with their customer service and excellent product lineup.

How much does a tusk Terrabite weigh?

The weight itself varies based on the size and pressure of the tire, but the most common correct approximation would be somewhere around 40.2 pounds.

Do Tusk Terrabites run true to size?

In most cases, yes, Tusk Terrabite tires run true to the size. However, this can change depending on how much or how little pressure you have used to inflate the tire. We urge you to inflate your tires correctly and always take care of them regardless of how much fun you’re willing to have. 

Final Thoughts

All in all, the offerings that this company has in its portfolio are amazing given their usually affordable pricing. We believe that you can’t go wrong with these tires as long as the sizing is the exact match your vehicle requires.  Shop Tusk Terrabite tires at Rad Parts

What are your thoughts about this brand? Leave us a comment down below and share your thoughts with us. We’re always eager to hear feedback from you.