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When it comes to enhancing the off-road capabilities of UTVs, tires play a pivotal role. The System 3 UTV tire series stands out as a premier option for riders seeking performance, durability, and reliability. Whether navigating through rough, rocky terrain or powering over sand dunes, these tires are engineered to provide unparalleled traction and control.

A rugged terrain with a UTV equipped with the best system 3 tires, conquering rough trails and rocky paths with ease

With the variety of terrains that off-road enthusiasts encounter, selecting the right tire for your adventures is critical. The System 3 series offers a range of tread patterns and tire constructions designed to handle specific ground conditions. Each tire in the series is the result of extensive research and development, aimed at delivering a tire that not only meets, but exceeds the needs of the UTV community.

Key Takeaways

  • System 3 UTV tires enhance off-road performance and adapt to various terrains.
  • Choosing the correct System 3 tire involves considering specific ground conditions.
  • The series encompasses tires focused on durability, control, and rider expectations.

Understanding UTV Wheels


UTV Tire Basics

UTV tires are essential components designed to handle a variety of terrains. Distinct from regular vehicle tires, they have deeper treads and are built to withstand rough off-road conditions. When we discuss tire size, we often refer to three specific dimensions: rim size, tire width, and tire height.

System 3 Tire Characteristics

System 3 tires are known for their innovative design and performance. They integrate robust materials with advanced tread patterns to enhance traction, control, and durability. The construction of these tires is geared towards the needs of UTV enthusiasts seeking reliable and high-quality options.

Ply Rating and Tire Construction

UTV tires’ strength and durability are indicated by their ply rating. Historically, the ply rating reflects the number of layers of rubber and fabric in the tire. However, modern tire technology uses stronger composite materials, allowing for fewer actual plies with the same strength.

Ply Rating Durability Typical Use
4-Ply Lesser Light-duty, smooth trails
6-Ply Moderate Mixed-use, various terrains
8-Ply Higher Heavy-duty, rugged terrains

Tire Size and Measurement

Tire sizes for UTVs are specified by a series of numbers, indicating the tire’s dimensions. The first number represents the tire's diameter when inflated, not under load, the second number is the tire's width, and the last number specifies the rim size the tire is designed to fit.

  • Tire Size Example (Example: 27x9-14):
    • 27: Tire height (diameter) in inches
    • 9: Tire width in inches
    • 14: Rim size in inches

When choosing tires, it is crucial to match them with the appropriate rim size to ensure a proper fit and to prevent unsafe riding conditions. Selecting the right combination of tire size and construction will impact the UTV's performance, safety, and rider satisfaction.

Selecting the Right Tire for Your Terrain

When we consider different terrains, it's crucial to equip our UTV with tires that will offer the best performance and durability. Tread pattern, tire ply rating, and tire composition are all tailored for specific surfaces.

System 3 SS360 Sand and Snow

For sand surfaces, these are the go-to choice. These tires feature a Lightweight two-ply carcass and low-rolling resistance and interlocking tread pattern gives unmatched all-terrain handling in sand



  • Lightweight two-ply carcass and low-rolling resistance - no vehicle stress.
  • Interlocking tread pattern gives unmatched all-terrain handling in sand.
  • Best combination of cornering traction and straight-line propulsion. 
  • The most playful sand tire available for UTVs. 

XT400 Mud Hybrid Tires


Taking some of the best features from the XTR370 and XM310 lineup, the XT400 from System 3 Offroad is a 10" wide hybrid with deep dual stage lugs and an advanced 10-ply carcass that blends the perfect balance of flexibility and durability.

  • Super aggressive shoulder lug to handle ruts
  • Deep rim guard protects the lip to avoid flats from pinching
  • 27x14 - 33x15 features 1.25"- 1.50" tread depth
  • 33x20 - 40x24 features 1.50" - 2.00" tread depth.


Tires for Rocky and Hard Pack Surfaces

Rocky terrains and hard pack surfaces demand tires with strong sidewalls and deep tread to withstand punctures and maintain traction. Radial tires are often recommended here for their resilience and ride comfort.

  • Radial Tires: Offer a smoother ride and durability on jagged rocks.
  • Reinforced Sidewalls: Help prevent sidewall punctures from sharp rocks.


XTR 370

  • 8-ply-rated radial carcass is proven durable.
  • Advanced sidewall construction delivers sure-footed and comfortable ride.
  • Deep tread ranges from 0.75 to 1.0 in. on 28-32 in. tires, and 1.0 to 1.25 on 33 in. and larger tires.
  • Multi-angle tread blocks at shoulder for improved side bite. 
  • Super-deep rim guard protects your wheel investment. 

Performance and Handling

A UTV tire with Best system 3 branding, shown in action on a rugged terrain with excellent performance and handling

We will explore how the Best System 3 UTV tire contributes to enhanced off-road performance through superior grip and traction, alongside its carefully designed features for improved durability and handling.

Enhancing Off-Road Grip and Traction

Best System 3 UTV tires are constructed with deep lugs and a robust tread pattern, specifically engineered to maximize off-road traction. This ensures that our tires can adapt to various terrains, whether it's navigating through mud, sand, or rocky trails. The innovative tread design optimizes the contact surface, providing a significant improvement in grip that riders can rely on during their off-road adventures.

Durability and Handling Features

Our UTV tires are not just about grip; they are built to last. Featuring a tough, puncture-resistant sidewall, these tires are designed to withstand the rigors of off-road use, which significantly extends their lifespan. We also incorporate advanced rubber compounds that help maintain the tire's integrity and performance over time. When it comes to handling, our tires offer a steady and responsive ride. They are designed to deliver balance and stability, which are crucial for navigating tight turns and rough terrain with confidence.

System 3 UTV Tire Series

A rugged UTV tire series displayed in a well-lit showroom, showcasing its aggressive tread pattern and durable construction

We aim to offer a precise overview of the System 3 Off-Road tire series, ensuring that tire enthusiasts and UTV owners are well-informed about the latest and most reliable options available.

Understanding the System 3 Off-Road Line

The System 3 Off-Road tire line represents a fusion of engineering prowess and cutting-edge technology tailored for UTV enthusiasts. Our tire lineup showcases a variety of designs, each optimized for different terrains and riding experiences. From rocky climbs to sand dunes, these tires are built for durability and performance. We emphasize the use of high-grade materials to ensure that every journey is backed by confidence in your vehicle's capabilities.

Reviewing Latest Tires in the System 3 Series

As we inspect the latest offerings, our experts focus on the characteristics that matter most: tread design, sidewall construction, and load capacity. The System 3 series has expanded to include tires like the XT300, which is known for its puncture-resistant endurance, and the RT320, acclaimed for versatile use across varied landscapes.

  • XT300 Tires: With a robust 8-ply rating, the XT300 stands up to rough terrain, and its aggressive tread is ideal for mud and rocks.

    • Tread Depth: Optimized for maximum traction
    • Sizes Available: Ranging from 28 to 34 inches
  • RT320 Tires: The radial construction of the RT320 provides a smooth ride, while its all-terrain pattern ensures adaptability.

    • Tread Pattern: Balanced for both comfort and control
    • Sizes Available: Ranging from 30 to 35 inches

By maintaining a focus on these specific aspects, we provide our readers with the assurance that their choice in a System 3 tire is informed by current, in-depth reviews.

Brands and Models Compatibility

XTR 370 KRX 1000

When considering the System 3 UTV tire, it's crucial to ensure compatibility with various UTV models and brands. We will explore which popular models are suited for System 3 tires and how they compare with other tire brands.

Matching Tires to Popular UTV Models

Selecting the correct System 3 tire model for your UTV significantly affects performance and safety. Here are some specific matches:

  • Polaris RZR: System 3 'SB-3 Beadlock' and 'XTR370 Radial' pairs well, offering enhanced grip and durability.
  • Can-Am Maverick X3: Opt for 'RT320 Race & Trail' or 'XM310 Extreme Mud' for improved handling in race or mud terrain.
  • Yamaha YXZ1000: The 'XTR370 Radial', known for its radial construction, ensures the smooth ride suitable for the YXZ1000's sporty nature.
  • Honda and Kawasaki Models: The 'RT320 Race & Trail' offers a versatile profile fitting many models from these brands.

Compatibility should not only be verified based on the specific model but on the terrain you are going to ride in and its wheel size to ensure the tire fits without any issues.

Comparing System 3 to Other Brands

We take a look at how System 3 UTV tires stand against competitor brands:

  • Tread Life and Durability: Compared to brands like BFGoodrich and Maxxis, System 3 tires often offer a competitive tread life.
  • Performance: In various terrain, System 3 tires are designed to match the performance of leading brands like ITP and Kenda.
  • Price Point: Price-wise, System 3 tends to be in a similar range as other specialized UTV tire brands, providing value for their quality and performance.

It's important for UTV enthusiasts to consider not just the compatibility of the tire with their vehicle but also how these tires stack up against the competition in terms of features and benefits.

Additional Considerations

When selecting the Best System 3 UTV tire, it’s crucial for us to weigh the merits of non-directional versus directional tread patterns, consider the performance benefits of lightweight options, and understand where to find competitive pricing.

Non-Directional Versus Directional Tires

Non-directional tires offer us the convenience of easy rotation patterns and uniform wear, making them a practical choice for even wear and extended tire life. Conversely, directional tires are optimized for specific handling characteristics, which can be advantageous for challenging terrain where precision traction is paramount.

Lightweight Tire Options

Lightweight tires reduce the unsprung weight of our UTV, allowing for quicker acceleration and less strain on the suspension. This can translate to a more responsive handling experience and potentially improved fuel efficiency.

Finding the Best Discounts and Prices

To secure the best discount prices on System 3 UTV tires, we should diligently research online marketplaces, track seasonal promotions, and consider purchasing in sets to benefit from potential bundle savings. Comparing prices across reputable dealers can also lead to significant cost savings.

Installation and Maintenance

Proper installation and routine maintenance are critical to maximizing the performance and extending the lifespan of your Best System 3 UTV tires. We'll guide you through each step to ensure a smooth ride and optimal tire health.

Proper Installation of UTV Tires

When installing Best System 3 UTV tires, it's essential to have the correct tools and follow the manufacturer's guidelines. Always start by inspecting universal parts such as bolts and rims for wear and damage to ensure they will function well with the new tires.

  1. Ensure Compatibility: Verify that the tire size and type are suitable for your UTV model.
  2. Mounting the Tires: Use a high-quality tire mounting machine to avoid bead damage. Align the tire beads with the rim edges carefully.
  3. Bead Seating: Inflate the tire to the recommended pressure to properly seat the beads.
  4. Balancing: Balance the tires to avoid uneven wear and vibrations. Use small, incremental weights for precision.
  5. Torquing Lug Nuts: Torque lug nuts to the specifications provided by your UTV manufacturer, often found in the owner's manual.

Important Note: Always double-check air pressure after installation and before the first ride.

Routine UTV Tire Maintenance Tips

To keep your Best System 3 UTV tires in top condition, consider implementing the following maintenance tips:

  • Regular Inspections: Before each outing, examine tires for cuts, abrasions, or bulges. Look out for damage to parts like treads and sidewalls.
  • Air Pressure Checks: Use a reliable gauge to check the air pressure and adjust it accordantly to the recommended levels.
  • Tread Depth Monitoring: Monitor tread depth to gauge tire wear. Replace tires when they are worn down to the manufacturer's recommended level.
  • Clean-Up After Rides: Remove any debris, stones, or glass caught in the treads to prevent further damage.

To maximize tire life and ensure safety, adhere to a consistent tire maintenance routine, paying careful attention to universal and UTV-specific recommendations. Remember, keeping your tires in optimal condition translates to better performance and a safer experience on diverse terrains.

Community Insights

When we consider upgrading to the Best System 3 UTV tire, it's crucial to gather insights from the UTV community. Real-world experiences and recommendations greatly influence our choice.

Tire Reviews and Riding Group Recommendations

The UTV community is known for its avid discussion of tire performance across different terrains. We look closely at tire reviews that come from various forums and online platforms where riders share their direct experiences with the Best System 3 UTV tire. An important factor often noted by riders is the tire's ability to maintain traction on mixed surfaces. UTV enthusiasts frequently emphasize the durability and tread life in their reviews, which are aspects that we prioritize in our decision-making process.

  • Durability: Mentioned in reviews as being vital for rocky trails.
  • Traction: Riders often report excellent grip in both wet and dry conditions.

Riding groups, especially those familiar with tough landscapes like Sedona's red rocks, also offer valuable insight. They provide firsthand accounts of how well System 3 tires cope with the unique challenges posed by such environments.

Filtering Through UTV Tire Reviews

To ensure we're accessing reliable reviews, we apply a filter to our research. Our focus is on genuine, verified experiences that provide in-depth information on tire performance. It's not just about the star rating; we also examine the reviewer's credibility, the detail in the feedback, and whether their usage scenarios match our own.

  • Verified Purchases: We give greater weight to reviews from verified buyers.
  • Relevance: Attention to reviews where the usage context aligns with our planned activities.

The process of filtering reviews includes looking for consistency across feedback. If several riders mention improved control in a challenging trek near Sedona, we take it as a strong endorsement of the System 3 tire's capabilities in similar conditions. With this careful approach, we gather a clear picture of how these tires are likely to perform for us.