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System 3 SS360 Snow and Sand Off-Road Tires

$229.00 $241.86

Known for its flotation and control in sand dunes, the SS360 snow tires deliver the same powerful performance in snow country. The broad base and interlocking tread pattern help pack cold and snowy terrain enough to create a flawless traction environment, enabling the vehicle to float on the snow. The SS360 tires propel a vehicle forward, without digging a trench in the snow, in both dry powder and wet snow environments. The flotation characteristics make the new 28-inch SS360 sizes an ideal choice for ATVs and mid-size UTVs.

  • Lightweight two-ply carcass and low-rolling resistance - no vehicle stress.
  • Interlocking tread pattern gives unmatched all-terrain handling in sand.
  • Best combination of cornering traction and straight-line propulsion. 
  • The most playful sand tire available for UTVs. 

**32” & 33” HP Series rear tires are only recommended for turbo UTVs that produce 200+ wheel horsepower.