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You may know that the clutch is a critical part of the UTV, but do you know how to identify and solve issues with it? If you have a UTV, you should know when it’s time to fix or replace parts, so we’re here to help you learn. Remember these signs it’s time to replace the clutch in your UTV so that you can solve the issue immediately. 

1.   Check For Excessive Wear

The first sign is one of the most apparent—visual damage to components. Routine UTV clutch inspections will help you catch fixable issues and maintain your vehicle’s lifespan. You should complete a visual inspection of the friction and drive plates, which you must replace if you find substantial wear on them. That way, your wheels and gears can function together to ensure a smooth, consistent experience every time you use the vehicle.


2.    Is Your Clutch Slipping

The next sign it’s time to replace the clutch in your UTV is slippage. If you feel the clutch slipping, then you should immediately see the speed difference between your vehicle and the engine. If the vehicle speed isn’t changing like it should with the increasing engine RPM, then the clutch is slipping. Although a slipping clutch is a sign that a replacement is necessary, consistently replacing the friction and drive plates will help you avoid slippage altogether.  If you need a Replacement Shop our UTV Clutch selection

3.    Power or Wheel and Tire Upgrades

If you’re using aftermarket upgrades to increase the power of your utv you will want to upgrade your system with a CLUTCH KIT so you can push your UTV’s capabilities further, ensuring it can match the extra power generated from the engine.

Upgrading one part of your vehicle can affect many other areas, so ensuring you have all the hardware you need to race, go off-road, and participate in other activities is always critical. Keep your UTV functioning successfully using these easy tips anytime you’re on the road.