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Kids side by side UTVs are a great way for kids to have fun outdoors. There are many different types of UTVs for kids and teenagers to choose from. They all have different characteristics that can make it difficult to decide on the best UTV for your kid.

To save you the time and hassle of pointless searching, we've compiled a list of seven of the best side by side UTVs for teens and kids to help you make the best decision when buying your kid’s next adventure vehicle.

Also, we’ll tell you which are the best UTV accessories your kid should definitely try in 2022. So, if you’re interested, continue reading our article. You won’t regret it!

Best 7 Kids Side by Side Models

1.   Honda Pioneer 520

The Honda Pioneer 520 is perfect for younger drivers who are looking for an adventure out there on the trails. It is small and efficient, perfect for everyday use. It's fun and youthful. While an adult may drive it (though no parental controls are included), the UTV was created with teens in mind, allowing them to graduate from smaller vehicles. Even novice drivers will feel safe in this, as it comes with teenage-dedicated side-by-side-safety features, such as automatic emergency braking at speeds over 12 mph. 

Characteristics of Honda Pioneer 520

  • Honda Pioneer 520 can be driven by children +16 years 
  • Electronic fuel injection (PGM-FI), 518cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder 4-stroke, 36 mm throttle body, 450-pound bed capacity, 1000-pound traction capacity
  • Honda Phantom Camo shades include red, olive, reactor blue, and red.

If you are interested in Honda Pioneer parts and accessories to repair or improve your adult or kid’s UTV, check out our collection

2. Polaris RZR 170

The Polaris RZR 170 is perfect for families who want to keep their kids entertained during long summer days. This side by side for kids will provide them with all they need, including additional safety features. The tilt steering wheel is a nice thing to have on a UTV in general. If you want more control over your driving experience, this is a terrific tool to have. It can be adjusted to fit any size driver, making it ideal for everyone.

Characteristics of Polaris RZR 170

  • This UTV comes with two helmets and a training DVD guide. As a safety precaution, seat belts, a safety net, and a cage are all included for your protection. 
  • The ground clearance is six inches. 
  • Parental control over speed
  • Displacement: 169 cc
  • Daylight with LEDs
  • The Polaris RZR is ideal for kids over ten years old.

Polaris is one of the most well-known and loved UTV manufacturers. However, few other companies can match Polaris in quality and reliability when it comes to creating innovative racing and off-road vehicles. Nevertheless, even top-of-the-line models like the Polaris RZR line can benefit greatly from aftermarket parts, accessories, and additions that can improve your kids’ side by side performance and safety. 

3. Blade 150

This UTV has a lesser-known brand name. However, the manufacturer seems to create more compelling youth side by sides than the other UTV makers. The Blade 150 youth UTV is a great opportunity for the young ones to experience what it means to ride such a vehicle in great fun and safety. A reliable 150cc engine powers the UTV. This side by side for kids is a wise investment because you'll be able to use it even if you are showing kids the ropes around the property or you go out there to explore the great outdoors and have adventures.

Characteristics of Blade 150

  • The Blade 150 features a clearance of 6 inches and a 150cc engine. 
  • It comes with all the bells and whistles to make it a safe ride. 
  • The brake light and the right and left running lights are seen. 
  • The driver and passenger can use a three-point seat belt system when traveling.

4. Massimo Gunner 250s

The Massimo Gunner 250s is a stylish and powerful side-by-side for children, both safe and enjoyable. This vehicle has a powerful engine and can easily climb any mountain. In addition, this youth UTV features a digital speedometer and odometer to keep you informed of your current speed and distance traveled.

Characteristics of Massimo Gunner 250s

  • The Massimo Gunner 250s features ample space for a cargo bed to be moved around.
  • AT 22 x 7 – 10 in the front. AT 22 x 10 – 10 are the rear tires.
  • Both the front and rear axles have vented hydraulic disk brakes.
  • The recommended age range for driving the Massimo Gunner 250s is 12 years old and up.

5. Hisun Division 250

The Hisun Division 250 is a fun and viable side by side for kids to ride. For youthful drivers, this model offers a few noteworthy highlights. This UTV comes with an appropriate dumping cargo bed, 2,500-pound winch, roof, windshield, and a two-person seat. This side-by-side also features rearview mirrors and turn indicators.

Characteristics of Hisun Division 250

  • Hisun Division 250 has an OHC single-cylinder 4-stroke engine 
  • The fuel capacity is 3.5 gallons 
  • Red, white, Bahama Blue, and Dawn Orange are a few of the colors available. 
  • The two-piece windshield features a 68.5-inch wheelbase. 
  • It also features an analog speedo and tachometer with LCD rider information. 
  • Recommended for 12 years old kids

6. SSR 170 UTV

The first thing you notice about this UTV is the engine. With a 2.9-gallon tank, the youngster will not be able to go too fast. These children’s UTV is chain driven and includes an electric start system. There are double hydraulic disc brakes on both sides, while the rear brakes are hydraulic drums.

These youths’ side-by-side will last longer, so you don’t have to worry about gaining some weight in the future. In addition, parents can watch the child from the passenger seat, which is suitable for adults.

Characteristics of SSR 170 UTV

  • The SSR 170 features a 170cc air-cooled OHC four-stroke engine
  • The ground distance is 7 feet, and the wheelbase is 2. Payload capacity is 330 pounds, including driver and passenger. 
  • The seats are SSR monogrammed.
  • Above the wheelchair are three LED lights and standard headlights.

7. Trailmaster 150X

The Trailmaster is one of the best low-budget UTVs. You can get a Trailmaster 150X for around $3,300. At this price, you get many upgrades compared to what a Polaris side by side youth would offer for the same price. The only disadvantage is that its reliability is a bit suspect. The Trailmaster 150X's top speed on flat terrain is 24 mph.

Characteristics of Trailmaster 150X

  • The Trailmaster 150X features alloy wheels with aggressive tread tires - 22X8-10 front and 22X10-10 rear.
  • Top LED light bar
  • High-quality 4 mm glass
  • Front and rear shock absorbers with nitrogen. 
  • Updated 5-point racing seat belt.
  • Digital speedometer/odometer. 
  • Aluminum side mirrors.
  • Signal switch

We hope you enjoyed these kids side by side model suggestions. However, if you don’t consider it safe enough for a young child to have their own UTV just yet, look at some of the best UTVs for families so that you can share the fun and adventures. 

7 Must-Have UTV Accessories for Kids and Adult UTV Riders

Do your kids enjoy spending time outside and riding a UTV? When selecting youth side by side UTV accessories for your kids, we understand that comfort and safety come foremost.

We carry a large variety of kids and youth UTV helmets and a ton of other safety accessories, and off-road safety gear. To ensure you always get the most out of your time outdoors while always prioritizing your children's safety, we only carry premium and attractive brands.

Here is a list of the top seven accessories you need to purchase for your kids.

1. Pyrotect MIDAIR Helmet Wired OFFROAD

The helmet is the basic equipment of any UTV driver. It is also the most important because it protects the most vulnerable part of the body - the head. If you happen to fall off UTV, there are real chances of getting a serious head injury, and for this reason, it is essential to wear a headset.

When choosing a helmet for your child, do not skimp. The differences between a quality helmet and a cheap one are from heaven to earth, and if you are forced to save money, find other methods. It is also very important to make sure that you choose a helmet that fits your child's head - too small and will be uncomfortable, too big, and there is a chance that it will fall off their head when they need it most.


2. Gloves

There are many reasons why gloves are so important to UTV drivers and racers. First, they will protect your child's hands from gravel or the branches of the trees and shrubs he passes. Secondly, tightening the handlebar levers can leave him with quite painful blisters after a day of driving. In addition, quality gloves absorb some of the vibrations of the handlebars and thus provide extra comfort (and safety, of course).

3. 100% Racecraft 2 Goggles | Blue

If your child's (or your own) helmet doesn't have a visor, you'll need a solid pair of goggles that are sturdy, don't steam up, and are well ventilated. In addition, when you're riding quickly, moving across the terrain, or in the middle of a jump, you don't want mud, dirt, stones, or worse, flipping into your eyes. Read this guide here if you need more information on choosing the best goggles for UTV and ATV riding.


4. KRX 1000 Bluetooth Stereo Package with Back-up Camera Inputs | Boss Audio

Although they might not be "necessary", helmet cams are a lot of fun. It's great to document the journey from your or your children's point of view because it offers a different approach to capturing family memories while utilizing modern technology, which is no longer pricey.

5. KRX 1000 Pro Clutch Kit | Dalton Industries KR1 & KR2

Any mechanical task will require the use of tools. You're ready to go if you already have socket sets, spanners, screwdrivers, etc. If not, and you recently purchased a new UTV, we recommend you visit our site

In case you need to make any modifications or repairs to the vehicle, it's useful to carry a UTV clutch toolkit with you when you're out on the trails.

6. Warn AXON Powersports Winches

Only a full-sized adult UTV should have this installed. Do not mount it on a child's UTV. Also, depending on where you are riding, you may or may not require this.

Someone with a UTV winch can help others get unstuck pretty simply. This is a must-have accessory if you're taking the family out for a ride in their UTVs, or you're traveling with a large group of riders, and the terrain is really muddy or swampy. If you want to take things up a notch, equip your kids' side by side or ATV with the proper mud tires.

We would suggest you try the Warn AXON Powersports Winches. Just be sure to tie the hook to a stable portion of the frame while dragging another UTV out of the mud.


7. Rugged Radios Dual Adventure Pack

Communication is of utmost importance when you plan a UTV family trip in the mountains and let the children have their fun in their kids' side by side or youth UTV. For this reason, one of the first accessories to equip the family’s vehicles is Rugged radios. The brand offers a wide selection of headsets, cables, digital mobile radios, handheld radios, communication kits, helmet kits, etc. Pick the best items for your UTVs, as communication on the trail is not only for fun but especially for safety. You can always stay in touch with the kids and intervene rapidly in case of an emergency. 


We hope this article has given more insights into the world of kids and youth, UTV and youth side by sides. Probably, by the end of the article, you were able to figure out what is the best reliable youth side by side and if getting a side by side is the best thing you can do for your child or not. If the answer is yes, then go for it! And if you have doubts, it's fine too: think and determine if what stops you from buying your child a UTV is the financial or safety part.

Kids Side by Side: FAQs

Should I Buy A New or Used Side by Side for Kids?

The benefits and drawbacks of purchasing a new kid side by side as opposed to a used or refurbished model depend on several variables. If you buy a used or reconditioned model, there won't be any issues if it's in good shape and was used only for a few months. However, can you make it work properly if it isn't in great shape?

Another issue to consider is the cost. Do the prices for either vehicle make sense in light of the model you are purchasing and the extensive research you have done?

Safety is probably the most crucial aspect when you purchase a kids side by side or a youth UTV. You might choose to pick a new model over a used or older one if safety and warranty coverage is really important to you.

Where Can I Find the Best Deals?

Researching the model you want in-depth is always the best course of action when making a major purchase. Both offline and internet research are included in this. 

Don't just rush out and buy the first side by side for kids you see once you've decided on the model you want for your child. Instead, take your time looking at them all. Be cautious and patient.

You will be able to tell what is a good deal and what is not a good deal once you have done enough research on the side by side that you really want and have looked at enough of them.

What Size/Model UTV Should I Buy for My Child?

Consider the child's driving experience, height (can they actually reach the pedals? ), and, probably most importantly, age when choosing the right size UTV for your child.

Each model will have a suggested minimum age for the youngster to utilize the UTV, and each state may have laws you should be aware of and follow.

What is the Best Reliable Youth Side by Side?

The Polaris RZR 170 is probably the most reliable youth side by side on the market. Other brands include Polaris Ranger 150, Blade 150, the 2021 Honda Pioneer 520 that we might talk about at a later date, and the Hisun Division line.