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Best Accessories for UTVs


UTVs, popularly known as side-by-side are becoming increasingly popular due to their rugged nature and the fact that they are rather affordable for many of us. Aside from being versatile, a UTV comes with the added advantage of being vastly customizable, a characteristic that many owners simply love because it enables them to modify their funky ride to their heart’s content. However, one needs to tread carefully when it comes to modifications and various accessories. An endless array of cool accessories for UTVs is available both in the online and physical markets but separating useful UTV accessories from flashy ones isn’t as easy as it sounds. Plus, the continuous bombardment of advertisements makes even some of the most impractical add-ons somewhat attractive.

To enable you to extract the most out of your hard-earned money and to provide you with the best possible and popular accessory options for your UTV, we have shortlisted below the top five useful UTV accessories we think would be a great fit for your side-by-side. Many of these accessories are universal, meaning they can be installed on any UTV with little to no alterations. So, without further ado, let’s get started:


Top 5 most useful UTV accessories:


Tires ($125 - $340)

Tires are one of the first items on the bucket list of anyone going to modify his/her vehicle, irrespective of the vehicle’s kind, make, or model. UTV owners are no different in this regard as they too want to fit the chunkiest and most knobby tires their UTVs can accommodate. Thankfully, UTV tires are not as pricey as one would expect and offerings from reputable brands like Maxxis start from around $120 apiece. The utility and additional benefits (enhanced grip, better braking capability) that come with new UTV tires make them quite a worthy investment. Maxxis, being the OEM choice of many UTV makers, is the most in-demand and popular option in the market. Though, offerings from System 3 and Pro Armor are also increasingly becoming popular amongst UTV users due to their unique advantages. For instance, you can get your hands on Pro Armor’s purpose-built rear sand tires for as low as $160 which is great for someone who takes his UTV on sandy terrains quite a lot. Looking for UTV Tires check out Rad UTV Parts Tire Collection


Heavy Duty Axles ($205 - $450)

Tires and axles go hand in hand or should we say, they work in conjunction. Only a good set of axles can transfer all the torque to the wheels without failing. The importance of beefy axles isn’t a major pre-requisite in mainstream vehicles, but it is in UTVs, SUVs, and pickups where heavy-duty axles truly shine. Whether you are looking to beef up the drivetrain of your Honda Talon or a Polaris UTV, you wouldn’t find it difficult to locate a match for your side-by-side at Radutvparts. The investment may seem a bit steep at first, but the long-term reliability, low maintenance, and overall better specs make UTV heavy-duty axles a great buy for anyone looking to inject steroids into their UTV.

 UTV Axles


Skid Plates ($765 - $895)

Skid plates are a must-have for any vehicle intended for serious off-roading. Not only do they protect the critical components from harsh debris, but they also provide a serious and muscular look to any vehicle they are installed on. Purpose-built skid plates are also available for almost all mainstream UTV models. Just like any other modification/accessory mentioned here, UTV skid plates too can be bolted on and off without any alteration. A wide majority of the UTV skid plates are made from alloy but aluminum ones can also be sourced. On the whole, the pricing for good skid plates (including all the hardware) should be under $1000, but some options can be purchased for as low as $765.


Harnesses ($80 - $635)

UTVs undoubtedly provide a fun ride to explore the wilderness but sometimes people get a bit carried away which presents considerable safety hazards. Enter multi-point racing harnesses, which have been specifically designed and built to protect from the extreme impacts and collisions that UTV riders often experience. Available in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and brands, the racing harnesses are one of the most useful UTV accessories you can buy. All the hardware required is included in most packages which makes it a breeze to install such harnesses at home with basic tools and equipment.


Particle Separator ($645)

Many people may not categorize particle separators as an accessory for UTVs, but they truly do a remarkable job at blocking unwanted particles from entering the stock air filter and thus prolonging its lifespan. This explains why particle separators have been becoming a popular item amongst the UTV fraternity in recent times. With the average price of a particle separator ranging around $400, the idea of buying one may not seem very attractive. However, these particle separators are reusable after you have cleaned out the dirt every once in a while. Lastly, they don’t require an external source of energy to function which thereby makes them an exceptional add-on for all UTVs.  We Recommend KWT Particle Separators, with High Efficiency low noise operation and a huge reservoir for particles you can ride for days while keeping your air cleaner clean!

KWT Particle Separator

If you need any accessories for your UTV check out our website and let us help you find what you need RAD UTV Parts