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Yamaha Wolverine RMAX 1000 X2 and X4 Glass Windshield | Extreme Metal Products

$489.00 $499.99

Now, you can add a real laminated safety glass (DOT Approved) windshield to your RMAX or X2 R-Spec 850. The metal frame is laser cut and CNC formed, ensuring a perfect fit. Comes complete with a hand operated wiper and removable vents. Must be used with the factory top pictured.

  • 1/4" Thick laminated safety glass.
  • Must be used with the factory top pictured.
  • Removable vents allow air flow on warm days.
  • Laser cut and CNC formed metal frame.
  • Rubber gasket seals and protects your hood.
  • Can be removed in under 5 minutes.
  • Includes: Hand Operated Wiper.
  • DOT Rated and etched into the glass.
  • Made in Cleveland, Ohio.

Extreme Metal Product Part #14308


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