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V06 Beadlock UTV 5 Lug Wheel Pro R Turbo R | Valor Offroad


Valor offroad specifically developed the V06 to deliver at the highest level of performance for the Polaris RZR 5-Lug platform. The V06 is a 15x8 +40mm UTV only wheel with a beefy 1250 lb. load rating.

The V06 wheel is manufactured using only A356 aluminum with T6 heat treatment for one super strong wheel. Forged 6061 aluminum beadlock ring. Offroad inspired and reinforced inner lip. Engineered to exceed SAE 2530 safety specifications. Bolt-on shorty cap with embossed black logo.

Product Finish:

This V06 beadlock wheel is available in three distinct finishes: Satin Black, Gloss Black, and Brushed Gunmetal.

Standard V06 Beadlock Ring Combinations:
• Satin Black wheel with Gloss Black Ring
• Gloss Black wheel with Brushed Gunmetal Ring
• Brushed Gunmetal wheel with Gloss Black Ring

Installation hardware is gloss black.

Lightweight Design:

During the design phase, each Valor Offroad wheel is over-engineered to prevent unnecessary wear on your vehicle. Even though the V06 is a 15x8, it remains an exceptionally lightweight UTV specific wheel.

V06 15x8 = #16.72 lbs