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System 3 Beadlock Black Wheels with 32" GMZ Sand Stripper Paddle Tires

$2,055.00 $2,276.80

System 3 SB-5 Beadlock Wheels:

Classic and strong 12-spoke style
10mm grooved billet ring is tough and light, with Grade 8 hardware
Factory-installed valve stem, and bolt-in center cap
1,200-pound load rating
Heavy-duty inner and outer wheel lip

Front Wheels 15x7  5 + 2 Offset

Rear Wheels  15x10  5 + 5 Offset


GMZ Sand Stripper Paddle Tires:

engineered Deep Cut Paddle (DCP) designed for modern performance machines

Fourteen huge Deep Cut Paddles (DCP) deliver extreme acceleration. HP paddle depth 28.5mm (1.125 inches). XL paddle depth 22.2mm (0.875 inches).

Extra wide footprint provides maximum flotation and smooth dune transitions

Tough 6 ply bias construction delivers long lasting durability and prevents punctures

Thick Rim Guard Material (RGM) keeps sand out of the bead while protecting wheel lip

Front Tires: Sand Stripper / TT Tires   32x11x15

Rear Tires:  Sand Stripper 14 Paddle   32x13x15