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Stage 2 Kit for Kawasaki KRX 1000 | Dynojet

$855.00 $974.42
By Dynojet

Looking to really get the most from your KRX 1000? Dynojet’s Stage 2 Power Package bundles our two most essential upgrades: Power Vision 3 and a Dynojet Clutch Kit. 

This Power Package starts with the Power Vision 3, which raises rev limits, unlocking full power for longer in each range. You’ll enjoy improved throttle response — and more horsepower to the ground (WHP) than stock! 

With a Power Vision 3 tune, you can keep your engine running smoother and cooler under classic driving conditions. The Power Vision 3 can also alter throttle-by-wire tables (for full and low power modes in every gear), alter fan on/off temperatures, adjust fueling per cylinder per gear, adjust injector scaling, alter AlphaN to Speed-Density bias crossover and alter timing per cylinder. 

To best handle the performance upgrades you’ll feel with the Power Vision 3, we’ve included an adjustable Dynojet Clutch Kit, tailor-made for the KRX 1000. Stock drive belts can fail when your UTV’s performance is pushed. A Dynojet Clutch Kit prolongs the life of your belt by making for lower clutch temps and allows you to run at peak performance. 

No matter how you plan to drive, or which tires you’ll put on your UTV, a Dynojet Clutch Kit is the essential upgrade you need for durability.  

Once installed, you’ll feel the difference the first time you take it out, whether it’s in the dunes, the woods or just your own backyard. Our clutch kits are engineered to make sure that your UTV can withstand the toughest trails, and leave your competition in the dust on race day. With adjustable arms that can be updated for any adventure and multiple spring options, you can unlock the next level of performance. 

  • Ability to flash your UTV from the trail, whenever you want
  • Quickly build your own tune or choose from a wide variety of trusted Dynojet-engineered tunes
  • Comes with Power Core software that connects dyno runs with our EFI Tuner to unlock your ride’s potential
  • Can be mounted and used as a live diagnostic panel as you ride
  • Weather resistant and shock resistant
  • One-year warranty and unlimited tech support
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • NOTE: Restoring the stock file does NOT unlock the Power Vision from the vehicle. An unlock or tune license will be required to tune a different vehicle.