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SUPER SPORT Straight Cable to Intercom (Select Length)

$40.80 $48.00

Connect your SUPER SPORT wired helmet kit or headset directly to your 364 Bluetooth Intercom!

The SUPER SPORT Intercom Cable features a lightweight design for simplified installation. The press-fit 3.5mm Dura-Link connectors provide tight, secure, and waterproof headset connections with a crisp, snap-lock design. A fiber weave abrasion resistant shield keeps the cable light and durable. One cable provides two connections to SUPER SPORT Helmet Kits or Headsets.


  • Snap-Lock 3.5mm Dura-link Connectors
  • Premium Fiber-Weave, Lightweight Cabling
  • Durable Molded Y block
  • 12' lengths are commonly used for FRONT seat passengers
  • 16' lengths are commonly used for REAR seat passengers