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Can-Am Defender Framed Door Kit by Seizmik 06027

$1,063.99 $1,119.99
By Seizmik

Part Number: 06027 
* Fits all Can-Am 2 Door Defender Models.

For 2020 and newer Defenders, two holes may need to be drilled (one hole in each of our bracket part I) to accommodate the new bolt pattern found on the newer models. Please refer to the Installation Manual tab below to review the instructions for more details (page 12 of the PDF).

The SEIZMIK Framed Door Kit for the Can-Am Defender mounts quickly and easily to the vehicle without cutting or drilling into any part of the vehicle. The sturdy steel frames are designed & engineered in CAD using precision 3D scanned geometry for a tighter fit into the vehicles door jamb. Equipped with a new 2-stage double rotary latching system, a full perimeter automotive grade EPDM foam gasket, and UV resistant PVC coated polyester textiles, these doors fit tight and help seal the cab from water, wind, and dust intrusion.

New Features Include:

  • Improved Two-Stage Double Rotary Latching System—Maximizes latch engagement with less effort to close.
  • Recessed Exterior Handle—Prevents snagging limbs or getting damaged during tight trail riding.
  • Larger Recessed Exterior Door Latch Pocket—Allows gloved hands more room to grab handle.
  • Improved Interior and Exterior Door Handles—Ergonomically designed for comfortable engagement and operation.
  • Glass Filled Nylon Door Handles & Housings—For extreme durability.
  • 3/4 Window Design—Allows rolling up & down without annoying interference with shoulder restraint bar.

Materials & Construction:

  • Sturdy .75” Diameter Steel Frames—Designed & engineered in CAD using precision 3D scanned geometry for a tighter fit into the vehicles door jamb.
  • Heavy-Duty Low Profile Steel Hinges—Attaches to vehicle without cutting or drilling into body plastics and provide a range of adjustment to fine tune fitment & position.
  • Durable UV Resistant PVC Coated Heavyweight Polyester Textile
  • Optical Grade PVC Windows
  • Full Perimeter Automotive Grade EPDM Foam Gasket—Conforms to contours of door perimeter providing excellent seal and easier closing.


  • Quick and Easy installation—No drilling or cutting required.
  • Dual Zippered Window Pulls—Provide multiple open positions for venting options.
  • Integrated Interior Window Storage Pocket—Windows roll down and stow away neatly and out of the way.
  • Built-in Handle—For pulling the door shut.
  • Lower Door Windows—Added visibility to maneuver in tight spots.
  • Pinned Hinges—The entire door comes off in seconds, no tools required.
  • Removable Door Skins—Separate upper and lower pieces.

Integration & Compatibility:

  • Integrated Brackets—Accepts SEIZMIK sideview mirrors for optimal placement & visibility (P/N 18088, 18073, 18083, or 18093).
  • Versatile—Works with OEM roofs and most windshields.

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