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Segway Fugleman Full Skid Plate | SuperATV

$625.00 $634.95

Protect Your Undercarriage
The last thing you want is a rock or branch damaging your drivetrain before you’re able to finish a job. Upgrade your stock skid plate to SuperATV's Segway Fugleman Full Skid Plate for superior undercarriage protection. It's made from ARMW and designed for maximum strength. It's a practical upgrade, giving you front-to-back protection for your passengers and your rig.

Ultra-Strong ARMW Material
If you're battling the same terrain we are, then you know it's not forgiving. That's why we've made this Fugleman skid plate from ARMW, our proprietary blend of UHMW. We cut it 1/2" thick, so it's resistant to abrasions, breaks, and bends. You no longer have to second guess taking the expert trail with this skid plate installed on your machine.

A Smooth Ride
We like to say the rougher the terrain, the better. You can push your Fugleman to its limits with our ARMW skid plate and flush, countersunk hardware. It’s smooth so you can roll over stumps, branches, and large rocks that you tried to avoid before.

Easy Install and Cleanup
We CNC cut our skid plates in-house to the specifications of your machine. Our patented interlocking design and easy-to-follow instructions make the installation process super easy. If you ride like we do, your Fugleman will need a little TLC. That’s when our built-in drain ports will come in handy—they make washing out mud and trail debris better than ever.


  • Made with 1/2” thick proprietary ARMW
  • Uses patented interlocking design
  • Abrasion, break, and bend resistant
  • Bolts fit flush to skid plate for a smooth surface
  • Full front-to-back protection
  • Drain ports make cleanup easy
  • Trouble-free installation


Segway Fugleman : 2022+