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SB8 Wheel 6/5.5 Maverick R UTV Wheel | System 3

$265.00 $273.93

Revitalize your UTV's performance and style with the System 3 SB8 Wheel, the ultimate choice for UTV owners demanding both durability and flair. Designed meticulously for 6/5.5 lug configurations, this wheel is perfect for high-end models like the Maverick R, tailored to meet the needs of high positive offset and unmatched load capabilities. The wheel boasts a striking 14 V-spoke design, coated in a sleek brushed matte dark grey finish that promises to turn heads while offering unrivaled strength.

With an impressive load rating of 1,500 pounds, the SB8 Wheel is engineered to conquer the toughest off-road terrains, ensuring your adventures are limitless. The inclusion of a 10mm 6061 billet beadlock ring, held firmly by 20 robust Grade 8 bolts, adds to the wheel's resilience, making it a reliable partner for your off-road escapades. The wheel comes equipped with a pre-installed valve stem and a convenient bolt-in center cap, streamlining your installation process.

Backed by a lifetime structural warranty, the System 3 SB8 Wheel is not just a purchase but an investment in your UTV's performance and appearance. Elevate your off-road experience with a wheel that blends impeccable style with formidable strength.


  • Specifically engineered for 5 lug and 6 lug UTV wheel applications that require high positive offset and higher load ratings  

  • Stylish 14 V-spoke design optimizes strength and style features a new brushed matte dark grey finish

  • 1,500 pound load rating 

  • 10mm 6061 billet beadlock ring

  • 20 5/16 Grade 8 black cad plated bolts secure the secure the ring to the wheel

  • Factory installed valve stem and bolt in center cap

  • Lifetime structural warranty