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RZR Pro R Stainless Steel Header | Trinity Racing

$1,125.00 $1,199.99

Unlock the potential of your RZR Pro R with Trinity Racing's Header. This stainless steel stunner is hand-welded for unbeatable strength and accuracy. Its 4-into-1 setup makes it pair with any slip-on muffler, while the Pie Cut Header guarantees equal-length headers for top-notch performance. Get ready for serious horsepower and torque while tackling any terrain. What makes it so special? The Header is neatly tucked away within the RZR Pro R frame, making it look sleek and staying safe. 100% USA Made at Trinity Racing's SoCal HQ. Get ready to upgrade!

  • Stainless Steel hand-welded
  • 4-into-1 setup makes it pair with any slip-on muffler
  • serious horsepower and torque gains