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Kawasaki KRX Mount for M1 / RM45 / RM60 / GMR45 Radio & Intercom

$120.00 $130.00

The Rugged mount gives your Kawasaki KRX a complete factory look while making radio and intercom installation easier than ever!

Compatible with Rugged Radios intercoms and the RM45 / RM60 / GMR45 mobile radio, the one-piece mount keeps your communications accessible in a clean and streamlined mount.

Includes mounting hardware.


  • Kawasaki Teryx KRX 1000

Works with:

  • M1 Mobile Radio
  • RM45 Mobile Radio
  • RM60 Mobile Radio
  • GMR45 Mobile Radio
  • RRP362 Intercom
  • RRP660 Intercom
  • RRP660 PLUS Intercom
  • RRP696 Intercom
  • RRP5050 Intercom
  • RRP6100 Intercom