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PRP SPEEDSTRAP 1" x 15' Ratcheting Tie Down Straps w/ 'S' Hooks & Soft Ties - 2 Pack


PRP 1″ x 15′ SPEEDSTRAP Ratcheting tie-downs perfectly secure your UTV, ATV, Motorcycle, Snowmobile, or anything else that you would say "that ain't going no where" to. These tie-downs feature a sewn-in soft-tie that makes attaching to handle bars quick and easy. Includes a floating D-ring on the opposite end to create an additional soft loop if needed. Each tie-down features 9.5mm coated “S” hooks with a retention clip for keeping it ‘hooked on’ until you can get the strap tightened down. The high-quality ratchet mechanism features a molded grip and cushioned release handle for added comfort. 2500lbs maximum rated capacity, with 833lbs safe working load.

Available in Black. Sold as a 2-Pack