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PRP Front Seat Mounting kit for Polaris RZR Pro XP, Pro R, Turbo R


This Polaris RZR Pro XP, Pro R, Turbo R Front Seat Mounts Kit allows you to install PRP seats into your vehicle. The mounts are designed to adapt the stock PRO XP seat slider, to the bottom of a PRP UTV Seat. These fixed adapters provide a more secure and solid base than the stock plastic release clips.  The adapter mounts re-use the stock bolts/nuts to connect to the vehicle, then we have included hardware to connect the adapter mounts to the seats. They provide a little more legroom than stock seats, and has more headroom. Be aware that these mounts are hard mounted, so they do take a little more work to access the battery or air filter. Sold as a kit to fit a pair of seats. Works with Click 6 Harnesses (with minor adjustments on 2 door passenger seat).

The 2 Door and 4 Door PRO XP’s, PRO R’s, and Turbo R’s actually have different mounting set-ups (2 Door – the passenger seat is fixed, while the driver seat can slide / 4 Door – both seats can slide). So we offer different adapter mounts depending on which vehicle you have:

  • C71 – Pro XP 2 Door Front Seat Mount Kit (Pair)
  • C72 – Pro XP 4 Door Front Seat Mount Kit (Pair)


2020+ Polaris RZR PRO XP, PRO XP4, PRO R, PRO R4, Turbo R, Turbo R4

*Fits any PRP UTV Seats with flat strap frames (will not work with RZR 1000 seat frames). 

*Mounts are included in the price when you purchase PRO XP, PRO R, Turbo R Seats on our website.

Ride Measurements vs Stock Seat

Legroom – Back of the Seat to Steering Wheel

  • Stock – 19″
  • C71/C72 Bolt-In Mount – 20.25″ (More Legroom than stock)

Headroom – Bottom of Seat to Stock Cage

  • Stock – 44.5″
  • C71/C72 Bolt-In Mount – 45.25″ (More Headroom than stock)