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Polaris Xpedition 5 Full Skid Plate | SuperATV

$839.00 $849.95

Protect Your Ride's Undercarriage
Your new Polaris Xpedition ADV 5 or XP 5 wasn’t cheap—you’re going to want to keep it in the best condition possible. That’s where SuperATV’s Polaris Xpedition 5-Seater Full Skid Plate comes into play. It’s made from 1/2” ARMW and designed to fit your Xpedition perfectly. You can go on the most rugged adventures knowing this skid plate will protect your undercarriage from debris, boulders, stumps, and more.
  • Complete, front-to-back protection
  • Made of ARMW—our proprietary blend of UHMW
  • Uses a patented interlocking design

Unbeatable Construction
We construct this skid plate from heavy-duty, 1/2” ARMW. It's the best material for protecting the underbelly of your machine. This skid plate is great at resisting wear and bending, and it allows you to pull your Xpedition over rocks and branches without any worry. Plus, we designed it with convenient drain ports so you can easily clean out mud and dirt when your adventures get crazy.

Interlocking Design
We laser scan, CNC cut, and use our patented interlocking design to make this skid plate fit flawlessly to your machine. It's easy to install so you’ll be out of the garage and back on the trail in no time.