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Polaris RZR Pro R Supercharger System | Kraftwerks


Elevate Your Polaris Pro R with Kraftwerks Supercharger System

Unleash Power in Any Terrain with Kraftwerks Performance

Whether navigating through loose sand, dusty trails, deep mud, or scaling steep rocks, power is paramount. The Kraftwerks Supercharger System stands out in the market for the Polaris Pro R, offering unparalleled reliability, seamless installation, and unmatched value. Our commitment to excellence is backed by decades of experience in developing high-performance vehicle systems.

Experience Exceptional Power: 270+ WHP with Kraftwerks

The Kraftwerks Supercharger Base System transforms your Pro R, delivering over 270 WHP† and an increase of 120+HP. This upgrade not only boosts performance but ensures power delivery is linear and immediate, thanks to the mechanical drive from the engine crankshaft, eliminating any lag. This results in a driving experience that is both thrilling and controllable.

Core Features of the Kraftwerks Supercharger System

Innovative Supercharger Design for Maximum Efficiency

At the core of our system is a highly efficient centrifugal supercharger, designed to generate boost without the excessive heat associated with other compressors. Its independent cooling system and CNC machined aluminum bracket with an auto belt tensioner enhance reliability and extend belt life.

Advanced Cooling with High-Efficiency Intercooler

Our systems include a lightweight, high-efficiency tube-fin intercooler, dramatically reducing the temperature of the pressurized intake charge air, further boosting power and reliability. Optimally positioned over the rear firewall, it benefits from unobstructed airflow, minimal engine heat, and reduced mud build-up.

Precision Engineered for Optimal Performance

Connecting the intercooler, supercharger, airbox, and engine is a series of precision-bent, lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum piping, complemented by high-quality silicone hose couplers. For environments with restricted airflow, we offer an optional triple fan intercooler shroud kit for enhanced cooling.

Proven Reliability and Performance

Race-Tested Durability

Our systems are not only rigorously tested in-house but are also proven in the competitive arena. With numerous victories in extreme races such as the King of the Hammers, our systems are built to withstand the toughest conditions, ensuring that your quest for power does not compromise reliability.

Compatibility and Installation

Kraftwerks Supercharger Systems are compatible with all 2 and 4 seat RZR Pro R models*. Installation for 4 seat models may require minor modifications for optimal fitment.

Transform your Polaris Pro R with Kraftwerks Supercharger System and experience unparalleled power and performance, backed by our commitment to quality and innovation.

(*Note: Minor trimming may be necessary for 4 seat models as detailed in our installation instructions.)