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Dragonfire 14-0800
Dragonfire 14-0802
Dragonfire Red Auto Latch
Dragonfire Red Auto Latch

Polaris RZR 4 point Auto Latch Harnesses with free Override Plug

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Punishing Terrain and fast off-road vehicles require the right equipment. The DragonFire UTV Harnesses are a must have for any serious rider. They provide un-matched comfort and stability while driving off-road by keeping you planted in the seat rather than sliding around and fighting to keep yourself centered. This UTV Harness incorporates comfort features like memory foam shoulder pads with ultra-soft fleece covers and an easy to use automotive style latch system.. To top it off, the harnesses come with all black hardware for added style and are available in different colors. Dragonfire Racing's UTV Harnesses have been tested in the most extreme conditions for more than 12 years and have set the standard for sport-oriented UTV's.
Complete Bolt in and go Kit for your Honda Talon
Lap Bolt Mounts needed time fit your new harnesses without them your stock harness lap bolts have a shoulder that are to Big
Override Plug a must to get rid of your seatbelt warning light when you unplug your seatbelt so yo do not go into Limp Mode