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Polaris Pro R / Turbo R High Clearance Radius Rods | AJK Offroad

$999.00 $1,016.72

Polaris Pro R / Turbo R High Clearance Radius Rods.  We machine these from 6061-T6 Billet aluminum.  Our Billet Lower Bars are 1.375″ thick and 1.75″ Tall.  Our Lower Radius Rods give you an additional 3.2″ of ground clearance.   We machine our Upper Radius Rods from 1.25″ 6061-T6 Hex Material and are fully adjustable on both ends.  Each kit comes assembled and ready to install.  We preset our Upper Rods to factory length.  We machine our misalignment spacers from 304 wear resistance Stainless Steel and insert them into the correct bearing for a very easy install.

AJK Offroad offers our Radius Rods in just the upper or just the lower rods along with the full kit of 4 rods. These can come powdercoated the Polaris Pro R / Turbo R factory colors along with raw aluminum.

These come with a lifetime warranty to the original owner for non wear parts.  To receive warranty credit you need to have your order number.  Not included in warranty is the rod ends or misalignment spacers as they are wear items.

Pairs with AJK Offroads Polaris Pro R Billet Radius Rod Plate