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Polaris Pro R Front Bumper | AJK Offroad


The plastic front bumper of your Pro R is bound to break from normal trail wear. It is a fact that plastic becomes more brittle the more time it is exposed to the elements. The more wear on your Pro R the more likely your bumper is to break when struck with debris.

The Build

For our bumper we wanted to have the ability to mount a winch, it has to protect your front end, and it needs to look good while doing it.

For starters we chose 1/4″ thick frame work for our bumper and 11 gauge steel for the outside shell. This thickness allows for protection from debris like sticks and rocks all the way up to minor collisions. The winch mounts with separate bracket that bolts straight to your machine, behind the bumper. That way the bumper shields both the winch and your machine. Our bracket supports multiple different winches. To wrap up this design we chose to powder coat our bumper black; this not only looks great but also protects this bumper from rust.

Bumper roughly weighs 30lbs without the winch attached.

  • Protects your machine
  • Looks Great
  • Winch frame made from 1/4″ plate
  • Bumper plate cut from 11 gauge
  • CNC Laser Cut
  • CNC Bent


Our design uses the pre-existing mount holes found on your Pro R. Unbolt the stock bumper and bolt ours on.  Our Polaris Pro R bumper will require you to cut some of the plastic hidden behind the bumper.  This is an easy cut and can be done with a utility blade.  If you decide you would like to go back to the original factory bumper you will still be able to use the factory bumper.