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Polaris General 4 Rear Quick Release Harness Set

$385.00 $413.34

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DragonFire is known of innovative UTV Harness mounting systems.  The Polaris General UTV Harness Anchors are easy to install.   Feature quick release tabs for easy removal.  Compatible with the OE rear window. Get anchored in with DragonFire UTV Harness Anchors.

UTV Harness Anchors Sold each - Order 1 per seat along with Seat Bezels to complete your install 
Winner of PowerSport Business New Nifty 50 Award
kit comes with everything you need for a quick release 4 point harness setup in your Polaris general 
  • Quick release shoulder snap hooks
  • Mounts shoulder straps are optimal position
  • Compatible with Polaris OE rear glass


  • 2 - 3"  or 2" Harness Set of Choice Select your color to match your color scheme, Auto Latch, Youth, Or EVO for ultimate comfort
  • 2 - 14-1104 for your quick release setup on the rear