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Particle Separator for Polaris RZR Pro XP | KWT X2

$479.00 $499.00

The X2 KWT Particle Separator has updated innovative cyclonic technology, increased air flow, higher efficiency at removing dirt and dust particles. It comes with a larger detachable dirt collection chamber with easy access to remove dirt.

comes with Standard Pro XP roll bar tube 1.75 clamps If you have a different size roll bar give us a call and we will get you the needed clamps.  A 4" hole saw is recommended for installation which can be purchased with your kit.

The Particle Separator comes with all the components (e.g., clamps, hoses) necessary for installation

All engines rely on a clean and continuous air supply for proper operation. The KWT Particle separator is a revolutionary prefilter that separates clean air and unwanted particulates before the airflow ever reaches your stock air filter. This both prolongs the life of your stock filter and preserves optimal engine performance.
Unlike other products, the KWT Particle Separator requires no fan, electricity, or other moving parts. Using a patent pending advanced disruptive airflow technology the filter quietly and efficiently removes up to 98% of particulates before the airflow reaches your stock filter

*Standard RZR Pro XP roll bar tube size is 1.75". It is recommended to check size of your roll bar tube.  If you need a different size please contact us.