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RZR Battery charger

NOCO Genius10 Battery Charger

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Restore Old Batteries with the NOCO Genius 5 Brings batteries back to life and give them a deep charge so your ready for your next adventure

17% smaller and delivering 115% more power than the G7200, the Genius10 is a 10-Amp Battery Charger that's simpler and easier to use than ever before. Designed to charge, maintain or restore 6- and 12-Volt lead-acid batteries, including flooded, AGM, gel, maintenance-free and lithium-ion.

  • Integrated thermal sensor detects detects ambient temperature to avoid under- or over-charging in extreme climates
  • Charges dead batteries from 0-Volts with Force Mode, allowing you to manually take control of the process
  • Detects sulfation and acid stratification to restore lost performance, resulting in stronger engine starts and extended battery life
  • Plug in, connect to the battery, select a mode and go

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