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Can-Am X3 Multi-Mount Kit | Rugged Radios

$75.00 $80.00

The Can-Am X3 Multi-Mount System provides a simple and clean installation for your Two-way mobile radio and Rugged intercom system.

Installation is easy: 

  • Apply the cut template to your center console
  • Cut along the dotted line
  • Remove the lower portion
  • The Multi-Mount plate slips right into its place and is secured with the included two bolts at the top and the factory two bolts at the bottom.
  • Load the Two-way radio and intercom into the insert
  • Slide the insert into the mount and secure with the included 4 screws.
Fits These Vehicles:
  • 2017+ CanAm X3, X3 MAX, RR, RS, DS, XMR, XRC

    Works With These Radios:

    Rugged Radios RDM
    Rugged Radios RM60 / RM45 / GMR45
    Rugged Radios GMR25
    Icom F5021
    Kenwood TK7360
    Motorola CM300D and Vertex 22