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Moto Max Kit With GMR2 Radio - Helmet Kit, Harness, and Handlebar Push-To-Talk

$265.00 $295.00

Walkie-talkie compatibility keeps you connected to friends and family on the trails! The MOTO-MAX kit is manufactured to strict standards and made to take on extreme offroad environments.

With heavy electrical shielding, genuine Nexus Military-grade connectors and a handlebar-mounted Push-To-Talk button, this race kit offers no-compromise communications and full operation without ever having to take your hands off the bars or the trail.

MOTO-MAX is the go-to communication solution for hardcore riders. 

Kit Includes:

  • Motorcycle Harness
  • Helmet Kit with audio input
  • Aux cable
  • Quick-Release Push-To-Talk Button
  • GMR2 Handheld Radio


Works with all GMRS/FRS radios operating on the same frequencies, including but not limited to GMR45, GMR25, GMR2, and more