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Maverick X3 "R" Series Brake Pads | EBC


When applying pressure to your brake pedal, did you hear some screeching? Maybe you nearly had your heart stop beating, but your last rip almost ended in severe wreckage. Friends, you must be able to stop at any moment. That's why it's crucial to keep those UTV brake pads up to par. Now, you can replace what you've got, or you can hit up for some aftermarket quality offroad brake pads. If you want the most bang for your buck, check out these Maverick X3 Rear R Series Brake Pads by EBC.

If you're sitting there thinking, "isn't a brake pad, just a brake pad?" The answer is no. Typically these components are mass-manufactured with mechanically operated machines, mainly because these are parts that consistently need to be replaced. However, EBC takes safety and performance to another level. They hand-craft these side by side brake pads from highly-durable compounds. These Maverick X3 brake pads are sintered too, so not only do they have increased mechanical strength, but they are also more resistant to heat and friction. What does all this mean for you? Well, you get a low-cost heavy-duty Can-Am brake pad that will work harder, for much longer.


  • Highest durability grade
  • Not for highway use
  • For mud, wet, sand or dust riding
  • Extra mechanical strength of a sintered pad
  • Kit includes one (1) set of left brake pads .. Fits Front or Rear (1) set of rear right brake pads Fits Front or Rear
  • if you need pads for front and rear you need 2 kits


Applicability: 2017-21 Can Am Maverick X3