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Motorcycle Harness SUPER SPORT MH-SPORT | Rugged Radios

Motorcycle Harness SUPER SPORT MH-SPORT | Rugged Radios

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The Motorcycle Harness SUPER SPORT features Rugged-tough lightweight cabling, Snap-Lock Dura-link connector, inline and a Quick-release RCA Push-To-Talk button connector.

The SUPER SPORT motorcycle harness is a replacement part for SUPER SPORT Moto Kits.



  • Rugged-Tough Lightweight Cabling
  • Snap-Lock 3.5mm Dura-Link Helmet Kit Connector
  • Inline Jumper for Rugged handhelds
  • Quick-release RCA PTT connector
  • Molded Y block


This harness works with all Rugged handheld radios, plus any radio using an industry-standard K2 accessory connector, including: Kenwood, Wouxon, Baofeng, and many others.