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Honda Talon Dual Battery Kit With Full Throttle Battery, Tray, and Isolater

$395.00 $464.94

Need a dual battery setup in your Honda Talon for your Extra Accessories we have you covered this complete kit comes with everything you need .. Battery tray From Elite Side By Side Engineering uses factory holes to bolt in . That means no cutting or drilling for you Trays are laser cut from 1/8 thick steel then CNC broke to ensure perfect fitment every time..

Comes With Full Throttle FT410 High Cranking UTV AGM 12V 900 Watts Battery 

The Full Throttle Series batteries were designed from the ground up to handle the increasing demands of today’s vehicles. Built with high-compression cells and a heavy-duty case, they stand strong in the face of shock and vibration. Pure-lead cells and thin-plate technology deliver reliable power, again and again, to meet the highest level of demand.

The AJK Honda Talon Battery Box to fit nice in the front under the hood.  These are very simple to install and only takes a couple minutes.  Our Battery Box comes with all the hardware to install and also the strap to hold your battery in place.

This battery box will hold any battery size up to 7″ wide by 7″ long by  7″ tall.

  • Fits great under hood
  • CNC laser cut
  • Powder coated black
  • Includes battery strap
  • Includes hardware
  • Easy to install
  • Made in USA
The True Honda Talon battery isolator kit has been carefully tailored to achieve maximum efficiency in terms of being an automatic isolator for vehicles. This revolutionary product line boasts a unique controller technology and a low-cost, high-powered current solenoid for extreme environments.

Product specifications:

  • 1-UTV-SBI-18 with insulators and 3M Dual Lock™ (Latest model)
  • 1-12 inch #6 black cable with 6mm (1/4″) lugs
  • 1-12 inch #6 red (primary) cable with 6mm (1/4″) lugs
  • 1-18 inch #6 red (secondary) cable with 6mm (1/4″) lugs
  • NOW featuring a NEW 36mm Single Meter Dual Display blue LED voltmeter
  • on/off relay and socket
  • 8ft duplex wire with connectors for meters

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