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Honda Talon 4 point 3" Auto Latch Harnesses Kit with Lap Bolts and Override Plug | Rad UTV Parts

$229.99 $252.99

Optimal Performance and Durability

Elevate your driving experience and safety with our 4 Point Auto Latch Harness, designed for superior performance and reliability. These harnesses are engineered to offer secure and efficient usage, ensuring you stay protected during high-intensity driving.

Maximum Protection with 4-Point Harness System

  • Our 4-point harness system is crafted to provide unparalleled protection and security, essential for intense driving maneuvers.
  • Constructed from premium-quality materials, our harnesses are capable of withstanding the most challenging driving conditions, promising durability and resilience.

Comfort and Personalization

  • Experience enduring comfort with our harnesses, featuring Memory Foam Padding and adjustable straps. This allows for a personalized fit, adapting to your unique preferences and requirements.
  • Our harnesses are versatile, making them suitable for a wide range of vehicles and motorsport applications. This ensures compatibility with your specific needs, enhancing your vehicle's safety without compromising on performance.

Hassle-Free Usage with Auto-Style Latch

  • The Auto-Style Latch system provides a quick, easy, and secure latching mechanism, simplifying the process of securing the harness and enhancing overall safety.

Comprehensive Bolt-in Kit for Honda Talon

Everything You Need for a Seamless Installation

  • Our complete Bolt-in and Go Kit is specifically designed for your Honda Talon, ensuring a hassle-free installation process.
  • The kit includes Lap Bolt Mounts, essential for fitting your new harnesses. These mounts address the issue of stock harness lap bolts being too large, ensuring a perfect fit.
  • An Override Plug is also part of the kit, crucial for eliminating the seatbelt warning light. This prevents your vehicle from entering Limp Mode when the seatbelt is unplugged, maintaining optimal performance.