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Honda Pioneer 500 520 Rugged Electric Power Steering Kit

$579.00 $599.00

Significantly Reduces Steering Efforts

The Rugged Electric Power Steering Kit is a must-have for any off-road enthusiast. Each kit is a bolt-on system that reduces steering effort and gets rid of wheel jerk/bump steer when navigating rough terrains.

It allows you to steer easily with one hand or even just one finger on the wheel. Designed to make your ride better, even when running larger tires or modified suspension.

The mount plate positions the motor and steering shafts under the dash for discrete visibility with no driver interference. All components are sealed to protect against water, dust, and other debris. The kit is complete to easily covert your machine’s steering to EPS!

Available For ATV & UTV Applications

We offer kits for all the popular brands: Polaris, Can-Am, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, John Deere, Cf-Moto, Hisun, and many more.

Universal kits are available which are adaptable for Offshore ATV/UTV, Hot Rod, Mini Sprints, Buggies, Rock Crawlers, Mowers, and more!

Trust In Rugged EPS Kits to Keep You Riding!!

Dominate the trails with ease. The success behind our products stems from thorough quality control and testing. Our products go through extensive and extreme testing, and R&D before launching. 

Backed by a 1-Year Limited Warranty

• Diminishes wheel jerk/Bump Steer
• Bolt in EPS system that reduces steering effort
• Available in 220 W & 380 W motors
• Contactless Torque sensor for long life span
• Kit comes complete with necessary hardware, steering shafts, and wiring
• IP67 rating to protect against water, dust, and other debris
• Clear instructions make installation simple
• Universal Kits available
• All Rugged EPS kits are backed with a 1-year ltd warranty


2015-2020 Honda Pioneer 500

2021-2023 Honda Pioneer 520


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