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Polaris Xpedition Full Skid Plate

$655.00 $674.95

Protect Your Xpedition
You never know where your Polaris Xpedition is gonna take you, so make sure it’s protected from every rut, rock, and washout with SuperATV’s Full Skid Plate. Our 1/2” ARMW plate is tough and smooth to let you slide over rocks and logs without tearing up your undercarriage.
  • Complete, front-to-back protection
  • Made of ARMW—our proprietary blend of UHMW
  • Uses a patented interlocking design

Ultra-Strong ARMW Protects Your Xpedition
Our skid plate is made from our 1/2” thick proprietary blend of UHMW we call ARMW. It’s nearly impossible to bend, virtually indestructible, and extremely abrasion resistant—it makes every rough ride easier.

Patented Interlocking Design
Our patented interlocking design makes installation easier and more secure. The sawtooth edges interlock so that every piece can bolt directly to your frame. It’s the strongest mount you can get.

Countersunk Hardware for a Flush Finish
Our ARMW skid plate has a premium fit and finish thanks to the countersunk hardware. It sits flush against the skid plate, so you can glide over rocks, stumps, and logs without getting hung up or damaging bolts.

Easy Installation and Cleanup
Our skid plates are CNC cut to fit your Polaris Xpedition perfectly and make installation easy. They’re made with built-in drain ports so you can get to your drain plugs and spray out dirt and grime. There’s nothing about it that wastes your time.


  • Made with 1/2” thick proprietary ARMW
  • Uses patented interlocking design
  • Abrasion, break, and bend resistant
  • Bolts fit flush to the skid plate for a smooth surface
  • Full front-to-back protection
  • Drain ports make cleanup easy
  • Trouble-free installation


  • Polaris Xpedition XP Premium : 2024+
  • Polaris Xpedition XP Ultimate : 2024+
  • Polaris Xpedition XP NorthStar : 2024+
  • Polaris Xpedition ADV Premium : 2024+
  • Polaris Xpedition ADV Ultimate : 2024+
  • Polaris Xpedition ADV NorthStar : 2024+