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Framed Door Kit Polaris Midsize Round Tube Ranger

$911.99 $959.99
By Seizmik

Part Number 06005
Fits Polaris Mid-Size Round Tube Rangers

Lots of Polaris Ranger customers already have a hard roof and windshield, but after they’ve had the vehicle for a while they realize they want a full cab.

  • These Doors will work with ANY hard roof, ANY windshield, and ANY back panel.
  • No other set of doors has this flexibility—at any price.
  • They’ll work with whatever accessories you already have—saving you the cost of buying new parts.


Polaris Ranger Crew 500 Mid-Size 16-17
Polaris Ranger EV 11-14
Polaris Ranger EV LSV 2011
Polaris Ranger 400 Mid-Size 09-14
Polaris Ranger 500 EFI 11-13
Polaris Ranger 570 EFI 2014
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