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Dynojet 96090013 Stg. 3 kit for 19-20 Polaris RZR XP Turbo & Turbo S

$995.00 $1,133.99
By Dynojet

Step your RZR's performance up with a Dynojet Stage 3 Power Package, featuring a Power Vision 3 (pre-loaded with tunes), Clutch Kit & durable silicone Charge Tube. You can gain up to 15 wheel horsepower over stock with a proper tune at Stage 3!

For those looking for a budget-friendly upgrade to their Polaris RZR XP Turbo. The Stage 3 kit takes our Stage 2 kit and incorporates a high flow reinforced silicone charge tube with a blow-off valve to handle elevated pressures and temperatures that come with a higher performance tune.

Our previous power packages were about getting your air/fuel ratio up to speed. Now it’s time to work on the turbo. Our boost tube is an easy to install upgrade that helps reduce intake air temperatures, cools turbo temperatures overall and is made from durable silicone that will last longer than the plastic stock tubing.

The combination of our Power Vision’s performance tunes for a richer air/fuel ratio, our clutch kits that can handle all of that extra boost, and our charge tubes to keep your turbo running at maximum capacity you’ll be in the lead in no time. Want more power? Check out our Stage 4 and Stage 5 packages that give you even more racing capacity.