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Honda Talon Heavy Duty Upper and Lower Ball Joints | Demon Powersports

$309.00 $320.00

- Kit includes upper and lower ball joint for left and right side of machine.

Applicability: 2019+ Honda Talon 1000R and 1000X & 1000X-4

Is your buggy shaking like a salt-shaker, or maybe you've realized your handling isn't quite up to par. Wheeling is the name of the game in the trailing business, which is why ensuring your wear parts and working like champions is a must. If it's wobble city for you, consider replacing your UTV ball joints. This may come as a surprise, but not all ball joints are the same. Some are made with more grit and durability, like these Talon 1000 Heavy Duty Upper and Lower Ball Joints by Demon.

Demon Powersports make the SxS ball joints from Chromoly steel with a reinforced stub and reversed flange design on the upper joint. The Honda Talon suspension part proves to be more reliable, and up to two-times stronger than the factory unit. Plus, these Talon 1000 ball joints are greaseable and serviceable, which means they have an extended lifespan with a higher performance rate. Taking care of your buggy is crucial to your cause. Give yourself the handling you deserve for the ride you want by shopping Honda Talon accessories at Rad Parts.

  • Made from 4340 Chromoly steel material
  • Greasable and serviceable
  • Reversed flange design for upper ball joints
  • 2 times stronger than OEM
  • Reinforce stub design
  • Extended life span
  • comes with 2 upper and 2 lower for both sides