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Polaris General Clutch Kit Dalton

Clutch Kit 2016-2020 Polaris General 1000 | Dalton Industries

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Improved belt life and performance after adding larger tires.
This Polaris General clutch kit can be set up for different tires and conditions for accurate clutch tuning for your situation. Improved acceleration and back shifting as the vehicle comes under load. This kit is a nice improvement in performance and belt grip after losses from oversized tires.
The Polaris General comes with 27” tires. For all 27” (and even some of the lighter 28” trail type) tires, 0-3500’ elevation, typical mixed use and trails the vehicle has clutching that is fairly well suited for general use. It is not always necessary to re-clutch every application and with stock tires this vehicle performs quite well in stock form.
The General 1000 is a similar platform to the 1000 S, however, it does have different lower gearing and characteristics. Larger tires do hurt performance.
This kit includes Dalton Quick Adjust flyweights and a detailed “set up guide” that show how to set up the kit for each application.

*What about the General XP?

The General XP 64 inch wide version of this vehicle not only comes with larger tires, it also has lower final drive ratio. CVT clutch calibration is “controlling rate of shift of the belt” in many situations. The correct rate of shift is related to HP of the application, and also the final drive gearing. The correct clutch calibration is always vehicle and application specific. In some instances of other side by side vehicles we can use the same or similar kits in both vehicle versions, but just with different instructions for set up.
It may just require different adjustments to the flyweights for different tires and situations, ...or it may require different components or spring rates, etc. That would only be determined by proper, thorough testing.

Although these parts will physically “fit” the clutches, we have not tested the XP version of this vehicle. Without testing it (here) thoroughly in all the situations and tire sizes and terrains properly, we know better than to guess, comment, or make recommendations for that application and will not do so. If we get the proper testing done of this vehicle to advise we will update here immediately.