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Can Am Maverick X3 Aluminum Skid Plate | Rival Powersports


You can't absolutely send it with full confidence, without adequate protection to your undercarriage. There are components located on the bottom of your machine that will straight ruin your offroad life if damaged. Can you imagine tanking through the unpredictable and your prop shaft snaps? Yeah, that's a bad day, to say the least. Why not invest in some quality protection and extended coverage with the Maverick X3 Aluminum Skid Plate by Rival and ride knowing the terrain's got nothing on the likes of your rig?

Here's what's up with these side by side skids. Rival formed the side by side skids by laser-cutting and deep stamping high-strength aluminum. Then, they gave that bad boy a powder-coated finish. The result is an offroad skid plate that is nearly indestructible and is resistant to the environment. Rival integrated side chassis and footwell security as well. Talk about a total protection package! 
  • Manufactured from 5052 H32 high strength 4mm aluminum
  • Laser cut, deep stamped and powder coated
  • Drainage and maintenance holes
  • Side chassis and footwell protection provided
  • Hidden fastening and special plate washer hardware
  • Utilizes factory mounting points