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Can-Am Maverick / Commander Front Lockdown Harness Bar | Dragonfire Racing

$209.99 $216.29

This product is unavailable
- Does NOT fit Maverick Turbo models, Maverick X ds models, 2016-17 Maverick X rs models, Maverick X3 models, Maverick Sport or Maverick Trail models.
- The Can Am Commander & Maverick require the Dragonfire Racing special OverRide plug when using DFR 4 point harnesses. It is imperative that the harness restraint is worn while using the override plug.
- For a Maverick Max, you must purchase one harness bar for the front seats and a second harness bar for the rear seats if you choose to install harnesses all the way around.
- Maverick X mr requires modification of clutch intake behind the driver seat.

Applicability: 2011-20 Can Am Commander / Commander Max (Front only) / Maverick / Maverick Max (Front only)

The Can Am Maverick and Commander do not come complete with 4-point harnesses, or even the ability to mount them. The guys over at Dragonfire Racing have come up with the fix for these situations; the LockDown Harness Bar allows for easy installation and quickly makes a stock cage work with any combination of the Dragonfire Racing harnesses.

  • Hand-welded & designed to match OEM cage dimension
  • Laser cut shoulder strap retainers
  • CNC milled 6-bolt clam shell clamps allowing for easy bolt-on installation
  • Race-inspired 1.5" steel tube design
  • Powdercoated "textured" Black to match OEM cage

Optional Harness Override Plug:

If you have a Can Am model or 2015+ Polaris UTV, then you're going to want the Dragonfire Harness Override Plug for your machine when installing an aftermarket 4 or 5 point harness for the driver seat. This override clip is designed to trick your machines computer into thinking that you're buckled up, allowing you really hit that gas pedal and go! There is no wiring required, simply plug it in and go play.