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Ford Bronco Radio Kit - with GMRS 45 Watt Radio | Rugged Radios

$395.00 $445.00

Introducing the Ford Bronco GMRS radio kit. Go Further ® on your next overland adventure and stay connected with others. It all starts with the Power House GMR45 mobile radio. With a full 45 Watts of GMRS power, the GMR45 will keep you talking for miles. Experience crystal clear communications with our low-loss, double-shielded antenna cable, transmitting through the Rugged Tuned Point 5 antenna.

Installation is fast and easy! All mounts and hardware are included for the all new Ford Bronco. Off-road and adventure friendly antenna mounting is out of the way of roof racks and overhead tents.

Already have A-pillar overland adventure lights? We include an easy to install antenna adapter mount for pillar light mounts in this kit! Simply bolt-on and connect your antenna.

Easily connect to intercom, headset or any 5-pin accessory with the built-in Rugged Ready pigtail cable!

The Bronco GMRS radio kit will take the conversation further on any Overlanding adventure. Don't forget "You meet the nicest people on the radio!

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  • Powerful GMRS mobile radio
  • Best-in-class GMRS tuned antenna
  • Low-loss double-shielded antenna coax cable
  • Easy install universal interior radio mount
  • Precisely located A-Pillar antenna mount
  • Talks to all other brand GMRS radios

Kit Includes:

  • 45-Watt Mobile Radio: GMR45
  • Rugged Tuned GMRS Antenna: Point5
  • Heavy-duty Antenna Cable: NMO-MT-13
  • Driver Side Antenna Mount: MT-ANT-BRONCO-AL
  • Mobile Radio Mount: MT-RM-BRONCO