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Big Brake Kit Honda Talon UTV4 Rear 4 Piston | Willwood

$1,379.00 $1,414.91

Honda Talon Big Brake Kit by Willwood

Wilwood’s matched Rear UTV brake kits feature dynamically-mounted rotors and upgraded calipers for popular side-by-side machines. Kits combine fixed mount multi-piston calipers with greater clamping force, and larger diameter floating rotors for more brake torque, improving braking on higher-powered UTVs. Forged aluminum differential-bore four and six piston calipers reduce deflection and provide more uniform engagement to increase braking force and improve feel. High-friction steel rotors, are up to 20% greater in diameter and thicker for less distortion. Dynamically mounted rotors reduce thermal stress and prevent piston knockback from rough terrain.


  • Larger, thicker, dynamically mounted 11.25” x 0.25” steel rotors eliminate knockback and reduce thermal distortion; available plain face or drilled.
  • Rigid, net forged aluminum, opposed piston calipers with strengthened body reduces deflection and increase clamping efficiency
  • Differential bore caliper pistons provide even engagement to increase pad life and maintain proper front/rear bias
  • Calipers offered in gloss red and black powder coat, or 22 additional caliper color options (additional charges apply)
  • Standard kits come complete with fade-resistant BP-10 brake pads, banjo bolt and crush washers to connect to factory lines
  • Race-spec kits use Type III hard anodized calipers and aggressive, fade-free PolyMatrix E brake pads
  • Fully compatible with factory master cylinder, ABS, and pedals
  • Kits fit most 15” and larger wheels