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Bazooka 24" BPB24-G3 Party Bar

$425.00 $499.99
By Bazooka

Bazooka's BPB24-G3 Party Bar packs a lot of cool stuff into a compact, outdoor-ready system that's ideal for your ATV, side-by-side, golf cart, or boat. You'll get awesome sound and cool RGB LED lighting, plus built-in Bluetooth®, a USB input, easy-to-use buttons, and smartphone app control. Best of all, your Party Bar now has a Party Button that lets you play DJ and control the music and lights for you and your friends.

What does this button do?

It parties hearty, that's what it does. The Party Button connects wirelessly to your friends' G3 Party Bars and lets everyone enjoy the music and lights. Just choose who's going to DJ and who's going to listen and get ready to rock. The DJ controls the music and the LED light show for everyone who joins the party.

Eight great speakers

The BPB24-G3's Class D integrated amplifier will pump out up to 450 watts of max power to its eight marine-grade speakers. The speaker array includes four 2-1/2" midrange speakers, two high-efficiency 1" tweeters, and two 3-1/2" end-loaded woofers, so you won't have to huddle around the ATV to hear your music.

Light up the night

When it's time to light things up, the Party Bar's RGB LED illumination system will put on a show. And with back-lighted tweeters, LED rings in the ends, and a dual LED strip running the full length of the top, it'll be one heck of a show, too.

A handy USB input

The Party Bar's interface makes it easier to control your tunes when you're on the go. It features separate volume up/down buttons, so you won't accidentally push things the wrong way when the neighbors complain, and an LED on/off button that gives you simple command over the light show. The auxiliary input and output offer wired connections to non-Bluetooth devices and systems. The Party Bar also offers a waterproof USB port for charging your mobile devices and for playing your music from a thumb drive.

Wireless control via remote or smartphone

The Party Bar can be set to flash multiple colors at any speed you choose with the included RF remote. The remote gives you wireless control over both your Bluetooth audio and the lights, plus any aftermarket LED light bar that you connect to the Party Bar's accessory SAE power port. An included rubber boot protects the remote from the elements. Bazooka's mobile app for iOS and Android also provides full wireless smartphone control over Party Bar features in case the remote gets lost in the shuffle.