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Arctic Cat Wildcat 12x1.5 MM Stud Upgrade

$69.99 $84.99

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If you are into extreme riding, using wheel spacers, racing, or even want to use specific after-market wheels you know that the little 10mm wheel studs that come standard on Wildcats just aren't enough.  Take a Look At our Wheel Stud Compared to a stock Wildcat Stud.  First of all the stock studs are made for pennies on the dollar cast in china out of unknown low quality steel and even others who are offering this same upgrade kit are using those same low quality studs.  ALL of our wheel studs our made in our own machine shop from 1144 StressProof Steel with 150,000 PSI Tensile Strength and Zinc Coated to stop Rust Corrosion 


Simply Press out your old Factory 10mm studs 

drill out the hubs with a 35/64 Drill

Press the new studs in