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Alpha UTV Tire | Valor Offroad


All Alpha UTV tire sizes were developed to measure true to size. Most tires aren't. Make sure you get what you paid for with an American made true to size performance tire.

Overall Diameter
32x10.00R15 - 32.10" @ 15psi
35x10.00R15 - 35.10" @ 15psi

Overall Width
32x10.00R15 - 10.15" @ 15psi
35x10.00R15 - 10.80" @15 psi

All Alpha UTV tire weights are for the tire ONLY and do not include wheel. All tires are made by hand so there may be slight weight variances of up to 2% (+/-)

30x10.00R14 - 43.00 lbs
32x10.00R15 - 45.50 lbs
35x10.00R15 - 57.50 lbs