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Adjustable Clutch Kit 2020-2022 Polaris General 1000 33-34" Tires | Dalton Industries DUV P10GX-2

$425.00 $439.00

Note: for use of 30-32” tires, 0-3000’ elevation use kit part number DUV P10GX or order the optional secondary spring “DPSS-B/BL-T.
Adjustment notes are included in instructions for the use of the optional spring and those situations.
2020 General XP models have larger tires from factory, different final drive ratios, and different clutching from factory than the regular General.
The XP model also has no EBS engine braking from factory and uses the same belt as the RZR1000 XP.
We have re-calibrated the rate of shift on this vehicle even for stock tires, as we quickly recognised factory clutch calibration could use improvement. This kit is for the application listed above and includes a different secondary spring than the smaller tire kit.
We have noticed that with factory clutching the belt was often slapping the outer cover shroud on deceleration and the vehicle exhibited poor back shifting of the belt when the vehicle senses load from soft terrain or hills.
This clutch kit is very different from other kits we have, and a new set of springs and helix was required. The kit incorporates just a slight bit of EBS at low speed (not as aggressive like factory Engine braking on older versions), and engagement rpm similar to stock. It also offers adjustability for correct shift pattern and “rate of shift of the belt” for different tire sizes and situations, improved belt grip, and improves overall response and back shifting of the belt. Improved back shifting means that the belt quickly gets into the correct ratio on the clutches when the vehicle senses load. With good back shifting, there is less slippage and heat created, and thus improved belt life.
Hardened billet steel flyweights with High quality bushings, and durable thrust washers on the sides of the flyweight to ensure fluid pivoting motion and improved durability of the clutch itself.
The flyweights can have part of the mass adjusted via the Dalton “Quick Adjust” method for easy fine tuning if required for certain instances, like tires or trips to elevation, etc. With the quick adjust passage you can add or subtract weight from the flyweight without even removing the flyweight from the clutch at all.
The instruction manual tells you exactly how to set up for each size/situation, however there is some variance in the wide ranges of tire weight and size, and terrain types. That’s the benefit a kit that can easily be adjusted.